Low freight, sufficient supply! Italian furniture grabs the American market!

Low freight, sufficient supply! Italian furniture grabs the American market!

Affected by the epidemic, under the background of difficult supply and rising freight in Asia, Italian furniture has been welcomed again in the U.S. market.

Compared with two years ago, the sales of Chateau d’ax, a high-end furniture manufacturer in the United States, increased by more than 50%. Joe filloy, its operation director, thanks to the support of the Italian supply chain.

“We have established extensive networks and relationships with tanneries, factories, freight forwarders and raw material suppliers in Italy,” filloy said. “Therefore, when the delivery time of many other manufacturers is very long, we can increase production in time and ship from Italy. Although the transportation cost from Italy is high, it is not expensive because the transit time is half that of Asia. In addition, Italy does not have to deal with customs duties.”

Maxdivani is another high-end furniture manufacturer, all products are supplied by Italy. Keith Mischel, President, reported that there had been “huge” growth in market share and business in the past two years. “In the past 16 months, our delivery speed has been faster than domestic and Asian resources,” he said.

Keith added that he saw more and more retailers using “made in Italy” as a selling point. Because that is the guarantee of quality.

Italian manufacturers believe that they are better than their Asian counterparts in the covid-19 pandemic. They also said that their labor force was in good condition and could cope with the increased production.

“I do my best to maintain a safe environment, and most workers have been vaccinated,” Mischer said. “Yes, we have enough workers to meet current needs and have the ability to quickly increase production when necessary.”

Although some factories have covid-19 cases, “Italian factories are often many smaller factories rather than large factories. Therefore, if they stop production for a week or 10 days, it is not a disaster. Our labor force has been growing steadily.”

“All personnel comply with the current health and safety regulations in Italy,” he pointed out. “Except for the short summer vacation, our production base can operate normally. We have enough labor force, and we are further strengthening our production capacity to meet the growing international demand for our products.”

The company has done well in managing delivery dates, he added, adding that the labor shortage that plagues manufacturers elsewhere is not a problem.

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