Manufacturing Process of Furniture – Process of Furniture Manufacturing

Manufacturing process of furniture – Every kind of furniture product which is offered with the best design will follow some process of manufacturing which makes it able to afford the necessity of beauty as well as comfort which must be very great requirement of everyone who are expecting for having the furniture which can support their living place properly. 

There must be kind of standard about manufacturing process of furniture which should be followed for assuring that the furniture product has the quality which can be suitable with expectation of the customers since it will also influence the price of the product. The producer of the furniture of course should make sure the process should be accomplished correctly for ensuring the buyer satisfaction. Every step in the process becomes the crucial point for making the wood furniture which is durable and has high quality. It is possible that there is some furniture result which looks good but it is not durable enough so the buyer can have great dissatisfaction.

Steps in Production Process

There is long process which should be followed for making the best furniture product and the very first step which should be done if called log process. This process will be associated with the necessity for making the log wood which will be distributed to sawmill for starting the manufacturing process of furniture. Sawmilling process will be done for splitting the log wood into the size which is required for making the furniture. In the area of sawmill, the split panel will be collected according to the thickness as well as the wood type so it will be easier to be arrange in the next process which is kiln dry. However, the panel should be placed in outdoor area for reducing the moisture in the panel before it is sent to the kiln dry process. Kiln dry process is the heating system which is specified for reducing the moisture in the wood panel to 12-15%. In this process, there will be equipment which will be used. The next step is process of splitting and cutting the wood into the required size using the cutter saw or SERCLE machine. Using plane machine is the next process which should be done for getting smooth wood surface and after that, drilling process can be done using pen machine or drilling machine for construction preparation. Sanding process becomes the step when all of the components should be refined with the exactly same size so it can go to the next assembling process. This process should be done carefully with accuracy and patience. Finishing process should be done for getting the beautiful touch to the furniture before it is packed.

Difference of Traditional and Modern Furniture Making

People can find that there are many products of furniture which come from modern manufacturing process of furniture. It will include a lot of machine for mass production purpose. Nevertheless, people might choose the furniture from traditional making process which has less involvement of sophisticated engine and machine since the traditional furniture making will have the result of furniture which is really unique and special. It also has more value since it will be hard to find another furniture product which has exactly same characteristic with certain furniture from traditional making process.

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