Mirror Cabinets,Kitchen Cabinets,Wardores Manufacturers

Mirror Cabinets,Kitchen Cabinets,Wardores Manufacturers

Mirror Cabinets,Kitchen Cabinets,Wardores Manufacturers

wardrobe :From the use of wardrobes can be divided into four categories: moving door wardrobe, push-pull door wardrobe, open door wardrobe and open wardrobe.

Personalized customization

The so-called “customized wardrobe” means wardrobes tailored to individual requirements.

Customized wardrobe is different from the finished furniture, it is an industry that emerges slowly in order to make up for the waste space and lack of individuality of the whole furniture and the shortcomings of the contaminated rooms and the inability to move the cabinet in the future. It is a customized product, so it is different from the finished furniture in the process.

Technological process

The process of customizing wardrobe is simply to measure the design scheme on the doorstep – – the style and color selected by the exclusive store, the contract signed by the factory, the production of the order placed by the factory, the storage inspection, the door-to-door installation and after-sale service. The door-to-door measurement is usually two times. The preliminary measurement is usually about one week after the decoration company enters the construction site. The purpose is to put forward the location of the wardrobe or the cloakroom installation and how to implement it. The worker has a good communication with the builder on the problems of gypsum line or kick angle line, so as to avoid finding problems in the later stage that can not be remedied, causing regret for decoration. In addition, designers can first produce draft design, so that customers have a simple understanding, which can save the time of confirming the contract in the later stage, and also have a time to fully consider with their families.


The biggest advantage of customized wardrobe is that it can make full and reasonable use of effective space and design more humane. It can be designed arbitrarily according to the needs of subscribers, or drawers, or multi-partition, but also can be pre-added to any size of the basket, these advantages make it more holistic and arbitrary. The border thickness of the whole wardrobe varies from 8mm to 10mm, and the increase of the slot thickness ensures that its doors can have various styles, such as glass-inlaid, aluminium-inlaid, patterned glass, mirror-inlaid, and all kinds of styles can be selected at will.

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