Molded door panels Skins raw materials and manufacutring types


Molded door panels  Skins  can be divided into three types according to the type of door skin materials


1. Wood veneer molding door panel skin


  solid wood veneer molding door panel skins refers to the molding door panel with natural or engineered wood veneer, such as Ash,black walnut ,sapele ,Maple,Oak . It is the mainstay of the molding door panel skins, and its ecological composite solid wood door accounts for more than 50% of the whole door industry consumption market.


2. Melamine Paper molded door panel skins

三聚氰胺模压门板特指表面贴饰三聚氰胺纸的模压门板,它的特点是造价相对便宜,适用于低品质工程装修要求 。

Melamine molded door panel skins refers to the molded door panel with melamine paper on its surface. It is characterized by relatively low cost and is suitable for low-quality engineering decoration requirements.  


3. Molded steel door panel skins


Plastic steel molded door panel skins refers to PVC steel wooden door panel made of steel plate as the base material, which is pressed into various patterns and then made of plastic. This kind of door panel looks like a wall of iron and occupies a certain share in the market. It is suitable for outdoor doors, and is popular with some consumers.


According to the production process, the molded door panel skins can be divided into two categories

1. 一次成型模压门板

1. One time molding door panel skin


The one-time molding door panel  skins refers to the door panel that can be produced by the door panel technology with only one time of molding in the production process. Its process is relatively simple and can save the production cost, but the quality of the finished product is relatively poor, and the bubbles/blister  phenomenon are more than that of the two-time molding door panel skins.

 2. 二次成型模压门板 

  2.   secondary molding molding door plate  


The two-time molding door panel skins refers to the molding door panel skins produced by pressing MDF or HDF into pattern first, and then manually laminating and decorating the skin veneer. It has the advantages of depth ahead of the one-time molding door panels skins , less bubbles or blisters than the one-time molding door panel skins and more stable quality of finished products than the one-time molding door panel skins.

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