Plastic Dowels & Dowel Screws for Blum Hinges sourcing,inspection,quality control,buying guide ,import,export,manufacutring

  • Plastic dowel and dowel screw for European hinge push-in type installations.
  • Typically used on manufactured wood products where wood screws do not hold well.
  • The dowel measures 21/64″ (8mm) diameter by 27/64″ (11mm) long.
  • Dowel screw size is a #6 flat head screw and is 1/2″ in length.
  • The drill bit size for the plastic dowel is 8mm or 5/16″ (drill bit is not included).
  • The dowels and screws are sold separately or can be purchased together in a pack of 50 (50 screws and 50 dowels).
  • Plastic Dowel
  • Dowel Screw 
  • Dowel & Screw

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