Processing principle and maintenance of solid wood composite door

Processing principle and maintenance of solid wood composite door

At present, the core of the solid wood composite door is mainly made of pine, fir or imported filling materials. The density board and the solid wood skin are pasted on the outside, which are made by high temperature hot pressing and sealed with solid wood lines. General advanced solid wood

In order to make the wooden door durable and not deformed, it is necessary to select the solid wood keel material that has been strictly dried, the rationality of the internal filler structure, and the principle of mechanical stress offset, so as to ensure that the product appearance deformation is within the specified range under the influence of the surrounding environment and climate.

The wood door with good quality shall be formed by hot pressing process. The solid wood edge banding machine shall be used for mechanical edge banding, and the sander shall be used for leveling and sanding to ensure its flatness, beauty and firmness. In addition, ensure the selection of high-quality wood, MDF, paint and adhesive to meet the environmental requirements of decoration.

Solid wood composite door short cycle production line

When consumers buy a solid wood composite door and install it at home, what should they pay attention to so as to maintain the maintenance method?

1. When using solid wood composite door, do not hang heavy articles on the door leaf or avoid sharp articles bumping and scratching.

2. When opening or closing the door leaf, do not use too much force or open angle to avoid damage.

3. When maintaining the solid wood composite door with glass, pay attention not to infiltrate the detergent or water into the gap of the glass bead to avoid deformation of the bead. When wiping the glass, do not use too much force to avoid glass damage and personal injury. Glass

4. When removing the dirt on the surface of the solid wood composite door, use soft cotton cloth to wipe, hard cloth can easily scratch the surface, when the dirt is too heavy, use neutral detergent, toothpaste or special cleaner for furniture, wipe immediately after the detergent

5. Pay attention to the cloth soaked with neutral detergent or containing high moisture, and do not place it on the surface of wooden door for a long time, otherwise it will damage the edge surface, make the surface discolored, aged or peeled.

6. Do not touch high temperature objects to avoid damage.

7. Pay attention to the corners of the solid wood composite door without excessive friction, otherwise the corner paint will fall off.

8. When it is inconvenient to use soft cotton cloth to remove dust on wooden products, vacuum cleaner can be used. In order to keep the surface luster and service life of the wooden door, it should be cleaned and dusted regularly.

The above is the introduction and sharing of the relevant knowledge of the real wood composite door of the current home furnishing group. Please continue to pay attention to more highlights!

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