Reflections on the Symbiosis of Breakthrough Dimension in Furniture Industry

Reflections on the Symbiosis of Breakthrough Dimension in Furniture Industry

With the development of social progress and the improvement of people’s living standards, furniture has become an indispensable commodity in daily life. However, under the general trend of changing consumption concept, rapid development of science and technology, supply-side adjustment, industrial upgrading and implementation of the Environmental Protection Law, the current situation of furniture industry development is not so optimistic. Some people laugh, more people can’t laugh or cry. Under heavy pressure, the market of just-in-demand goods is not strong, with blurred vision for future development and painful choice of direction.

Why did this happen? There are both subjective and objective reasons. The core is that there is no fundamental breakthrough in the industry, product homogeneity, lack of market power with “chip” control technology and core competitiveness of the industry.

Seeking the right breakthroughs will lead to success

Furniture industry from the original wood industry, from plywood to fiberboard, solid wood, material upgrading is the first industry breakthrough. Under the new economic situation, the furniture industry faces the strategic lag of new materials, production technology, product design, business model, brand building, etc. There is a big gap between the mainland and the developed coastal areas of Europe, America and China. There is room and motivation for disparity. Only by seeking appropriate breakthroughs will great success be achieved. With courage, firm belief, far-reaching foresight and down-to-earth practice, the future will be won. Who is the first to eat crabs?

It is an indisputable fact that there are environmental problems in furniture industry, including water and air pollution in production process and toxic and harmful organic volatiles in complete sets of products. Under the pressure of environmental storm, some enterprises passively deal with the production process by spraying, water curtain, carbon adsorption, plasma, photooxidation and other technology, while most enterprises are still waiting or taking various “countermeasures” to deal with.

It is difficult for enterprises to consider the impact of finished products on respiratory health from the perspective of consumers. When faced with complaints from users, they win the lawsuit on the basis of meeting the standard of plate, and win over consumers and lose the market. Then, all finished furniture products may volatilize toxic and harmful pollutants, and consumers’demand is the real product standard.

Achieving leapfrog development and rebirth

If we break through the limitations of the existing material standards, take the consumers as the core, face up to the painful points of the industry and solve the market demand, take the complete set of products as the goal (the state has begun to compile the standards and legislation for controlling the total volatiles of furniture products), cooperate across borders, innovate and create healthy and environmental functional explosives, establish new business models, and take the opportunity of environmental protection as the goal. Seeking breakthroughs and leaping out of the country to achieve leaping development by way of one area may bring a temporary sense of pain, but it will surely be reborn.

Ideas Decide Way Out and Cross-border Cooperation Make Environmental Explosives Feasible

The results of many years’ingenious research and development by the top expert team in China, through a large number of market application practices, provide strong technical support for solving the pain points in the industry. High-quality titanium-based self-responding catalyst nanocomposite environmental-friendly functional materials prepared from pure natural raw materials can be sprayed on the surface of furniture products (or boards) by high-atomization spraying. The nano-materials can penetrate into the voids of materials, eliminate toxic and harmful volatiles (such as formaldehyde), decompose continuously with zero energy consumption, and have the functions of bacteriostasis, mildew-proof, self-cleaning and flame-retardant with low cost. The function of complete purification of finished products is realized.

Implementing Cross-Border Integration, Innovation and Development Strategy

Under the new trend of the times, how can we make the furniture manufacturing industry go from predicament to brilliance, and promote the healthy and redevelopment of the furniture manufacturing industry through the implementation of environmental protection? It is necessary to develop innovative thinking and form a strong core competitiveness of the market. On the other hand, the industry needs to enhance social responsibility and environmental awareness, and turn environmental pressure into industrial development. The core driving force of exhibition upgrading. Implement cross-border integration and innovative development strategy.

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