Retail distributor for an Kitchen or Bathroom Company

Are you interested in becoming a retail distributor for an Kitchen or Bathroom Company?

You can become an EXCLUSIVE distributor in your State/Country.

Do you want to explore the latest in innovation and design and see what the Italian retail lines have to offer? Would you like to tell your clients you carry the real MADE IN ?

We will be happy to introduce you to new Italian Brands interested in exporting their lines and their products outside of Europe, which will help you develop your business.
Many of our suppliers are willing to work outside of Europe but can’t find the right partners. The US market for these suppliers only represent 5% of their business.
The Cabinet Consultants will source for you and present you with these potential partners based on your needs; this can drastically increase and change the course of your business and clientele.
Remember that “cabinet” is not limited only to kitchens and bathrooms; we can help you with closet areas, bedroom furniture, flooring, tables, chairs and even office furniture.

Tell us what you are looking for and we will help you find it.

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