RTA Cabinet Assembly

RTA Cabinet Assembly

Not sure how to assemble the RTA kitchen cabinets fromFurniture Cabinet Depot? Well we want you to know that:

YOU CAN DO IT! With our fast, easy assembly methods.

Our assembly methods take no special skills. Every part fits together simply, logically and permanently. Here are some typical RTA cabinet assembly methods. Not all are shown. Instructions are provided for every style when you order. Please see the details of your cabinet choice for your assembly method. Actual products may vary slightly in hardware and order of steps. Adding a bead of good wood glue to the joints only takes a few seconds more and will assure a strong, permanently assembly.

If you need further assistance or you have any questions about how to assemble your kitchen cabinets we would be happy to help. Give us a call or send us an email.

Base Cabinet Assembly

Wall Cabinet Assembly

Lazy Susan Assembly

Diagonal Corner Wall Assembly

Oven Cabinet Assembly

Cam Lock
Cam-Lock RTA Wall Cabinet Assembly

Cam-Lock RTA Base Cabinet Assembly

Metal Interlocking Bracket
Metal Bracket RTA Wall Cabinet Assembly

Metal Bracket RTA Base Cabinet Assembly

Metal Bracket RTA Drawer Assembly

Metal Bracket RTA Lasy Susan Cabinet Assembly
Pocket Screw
Brad Gun or Stapler

I-beam and wooden corner bracket construction method:
There are pre-drilled holes and screws provided to attach these stabilizing pieces.

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