Sangxu town of Shuyang speeds up the green and cluster development of wood furniture industry

Sangxu town of Shuyang speeds up the green and cluster development of wood furniture industry

October 20, 2021 source: Shuyang County People’s Government

This year, sangxu town has led the whole town to continuously optimize the production pattern of leading industries, highlight the development concept of “transformation and upgrading, safety and environmental protection and improving strength”, constantly expand and strengthen the pillar industry of wood processing, and strive to achieve high-quality development of industrial economy in the whole town.

Improve the quality of development and promote industrial transformation. Focusing on the development direction of “continuous enhancement of development potential, overall elimination of low-end production capacity, continuous improvement of agglomeration capacity and effective guarantee of production safety”, the town correctly handled the relationship between scale growth and structural optimization, and accelerated the green and cluster development of wood processing and furniture manufacturing industry. Lead the transformation of enterprise products from low-end Blockboard and building formwork to high-end wood flooring, furniture board and export board, strengthen the docking and cooperation with high-end brands such as Bunny, Moganshan and dawangye, and continuously improve the market competitiveness of enterprises. So far, more than 160 enterprises in the town have achieved successful transformation.

Strengthen analysis, research and judgment and optimize service quality. In view of the fact that the supply of raw materials in the wood industry is tight, the cost has increased significantly and the power supply pressure is high this year, all the assistant staff of the town go deep into the enterprise, further strengthen the assistance service to the enterprise, timely monitor and analyze the enterprise operation, keep abreast of the enterprise development trends, cooperate with the enterprise to negotiate countermeasures, seek solutions and get out of the dilemma as soon as possible, Ensure the healthy and stable development of industrial enterprises in the town.

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