sauna 100% Non-Toxic Materials

100% Non-Toxic Materials

Every element of a Sunlighten sauna is designed with quality and safety in mind. We don’t believe in shortcuts, which is why our saunas are made with 100% premium wood throughout the entire cabin – no hidden plywood is used.

Not only are our Solocarbon heaters proven 95-99% efficient at producing infrared in the peak range, they contain a proprietary blend of FDA-approved materials and are heat-sealed to withstand temperatures above and beyond the operating temperature to ensure no unhealthy gases are released during heating. To ensure that all our materials are safe and non-toxic,Sunlighten has invested in extensive third-party testing.

Even the wood we use has been carefully selected to ensure it is non-toxic and sustainably sourced. Sunlighten saunas are made in eucalyptus, cedar or hypoallergenic basswood.

Hemlock, spruce and pine are inexpensive woods that have been used mostly in framework. Many of our competitors use these woods in their saunas. These are low cost options for sauna manufactures due to knots in the wood, inconsistent color and thinner wood planks. These woods are more likely to warp and bow in extreme temperature fluctuations, which would occur in an infrared sauna diminishing the longevity of the product.

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