Selection and Purchase of Wardrobe Hardware

Standard and non-standard customized wardrobe Selection Guide

Selection and Purchase of Wardrobe Hardware

Tip 1: Check whether the fittings installation is reasonable

For example, check that the door lock switch is not working properly; the cabinet should be equipped with three hidden hinges, some with only two can not; the upper three screws, some Jerry work, only one screw, will be used.

Tip 2: Check the back of the mirror wardrobe

Choose wardrobes with mirrors. Take a look to see if the mirror is deformed and discolored. Check the mercury in the back of the mirror to see if there are lining paper and backboard. No backboard is unqualified, no paper is not good, otherwise Mercury will be worn off.

Tip 3: Check the seam of veneer wardrobe is not strict

Whether veneer veneer, PVC or pre-painted paper, we should pay attention to whether the leather is smooth, whether there are bulging, blistering, seamless phenomenon. When checking, we should look at the light, but we can’t see it without it. Fraxinus mandshurica veneer wardrobe is relatively easy to damage, generally can only be used for two years. As far as veneers are concerned, edged veneers are better than peeled veneers. The method of recognizing the two is to look at the pattern of wood. The veneer grain of planned wood is straight and dense, and the veneer pattern of rotary cutting is curved and sparse. The landing part of particleboard veneer wardrobe must be edged. Without edge sealing, the wardrobe will be damped by moisture absorption and swelling. Generally, it is easy to warp up the edges of the veneer wardrobe. When selecting, you can pick up the edges by hand. If you pick up the edges, it shows that there is a problem with glue. The above comes from: China Wardrobe Network.

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