Selected wooden products from Cao county appear at the forest fair to help revitalize the countryside

Selected wooden products from Cao county appear at the forest fair to help revitalize the countryside

The 17th China Forest Products Trade Fair will be held in China forest exhibition hall from October 25 to 28. The theme of this exhibition is “innovative green industry promotes rural revitalization”, leading the innovative development and high-quality development of forestry, meeting the people’s needs for forest products and beautiful ecological environment, and highlighting the characteristics of the times. Cao county has the titles of “China’s wood art capital” and “national home furnishing industry demonstration park”. Before the exhibition, Cao County Forestry Bureau took the forest head system as the starting point, widely mobilized, solidly promoted, went deep into the enterprise on-site investigation, and comprehensively arranged and deployed the preparations for the 17th China Forest Products Fair.

Field research! Selected wooden products from Cao county appear at the forest fair to help revitalize the countryside

Recently, the reporter followed Cao County Forestry Bureau to zhuangzhai Town, Qinghe sub district office, Niji sub district office, Changle market town, Pulian market town and other places to conduct field research on the reported enterprises. “The forest processing industry in Cao county has distinct cluster development characteristics, mainly concentrated in the core area of plate manufacturing in zhuangzhai, Taoyuan and surrounding villages and towns, and the core area of handicraft processing in Qinghe, pulianji and surrounding villages and towns. At the same time, there are also local advantages in qingfuji miscellaneous wood processing area, guying Ji qitiao processing area, Shaozhuang curved wood processing area, Niji handicraft Taobao collection area, etc Representative, “said Xu Congfeng, director of the industry Office of Cao County Forestry Development Service Center.

The research team came to zhuangzhai town and went to Caoxian Shantong Wood Industry Co., Ltd., Caoxian HUIFENGYUAN Wood Industry Co., Ltd., Caoxian Furniture Industrial Park and other places to understand the preparations for the exhibition of the forest fair, screen the characteristic products of the exhibition on site, and listen to the person in charge of each enterprise introduce the difficulties and problems faced by the current development. In Caoxian Furniture Industrial Park, the reporter saw rows of neat factories, wide roads and loaded trucks, showing the infinite vitality of the development of wood products industry. “Here, you can see the whole process of a plate from raw materials to finished products,” said Sun Daoquan, general manager of Heze Hengtong New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

The reporter learned that Cao county adheres to the principle of “selecting the best from the best, and selecting the best from the best”, and organizes and selects a number of forestry enterprises and characteristic forest products that represent the characteristic advantages of the county and meet the requirements of green environmental protection for exhibition. At this forestry fair, Cao county has 30 standard booths and one special booth. At present, the design scheme of the special exhibition hall has been determined.

In Qinghe sub district office, the wood handicraft processing industry has a long history. The reporter came to the North China Wood Art Museum and saw thousands of exhibits in the wedding rooms, living rooms, yamen lobby, furniture, agricultural tools, textiles, transportation tools and so on in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. These exhibits fully reflect the craftsmanship, life, folklore and historical inheritance, It fully shows the Qilu customs in northern China and the local characteristics in Southwest Shandong.

The main products of Caoxian forest industry are more than 30000 varieties of five series, such as various boards, grass and willow weaving, wooden crafts, doors and windows, furniture and so on. “We will select products with more characteristics, creativity and highlights to appear at the forest fair, and select representative products to be placed in the special decoration exhibition hall of Cao County, so as to show the development of the forest industry in Cao county to the whole country and the world. Next, our forestry center will continue to provide enterprise tracking services in terms of policy support and technical guidance, so as to provide guidance for the Rural Revitalization of Cao county Supply is a strong support, “said Xu Congfeng.

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