Shopping Guide for Cabinet Hardware

Shopping Guide for Cabinet Hardware

Weighting by Material

The hinges are of poor quality, and the cabinet doors are easy to close backwards and backwards over a long period of time, loosening and sagging. Large brand cabinet hardware almost all use cold-rolled steel, a stamping forming, feel thick, smooth surface. Moreover, because the surface coating is thick, it is not easy to rust, strong and durable, and has strong load-bearing capacity. The poor quality hinges are usually made of thin iron sheet welded, almost no resilience, and will lose elasticity for a long time, leading to the closure of the cabinet door is not strict, or even cracking.

Viewing details

Details can show whether the product is good or not, so as to confirm whether the quality is outstanding. High-quality wardrobe hardware uses hardware with thick feel and smooth surface, and even achieves the effect of silence in design. Low-quality hardware is usually made of cheap metals such as thin iron sheet. The cabinet doors are stretched astringently and even have a harsh sound. Different hinges have different feel when they are used. The high quality hinges have softer force when they open the cabinet door. When they are closed to 15 degrees, they will rebound automatically. The rebound force is very uniform. Consumers can switch cabinet doors and experience hand feeling when they choose to buy. In addition to visual measurement and smooth surface, the reset performance of hinge spring should be paid attention to. The quality of the reed also determines the opening angle of the door panel. A good quality reed can make the opening angle exceed 90 degrees. The hinges can be opened 95 degrees, and the two sides of the hinges can be pressed by hand. It is observed that the supporting spring sheets are not deformed or broken, and the products are very strong and qualified. The service life of inferior hinges is short and easy to fall off, such as cabinet doors and hangers, mostly because the quality of hinges is not closed.

Choosing a Big Brand with Quality Assurance

For example, Bailong is a well-known brand in the world. If the hinge design can freely open the cabinet door at the right angle, the spring strength is accurate, the closing force is very soft, the sound is very small, not to mention the pinch finger plus decorative cup cap and decorative arm cap, the overall effect is more beautiful and elegant. The lines are smooth. Material hardness enough, heavy load. It is popular with consumers.

Hinges See Thickness and Thinness

Hinge is the hardware that connects cabinet body and door panel, bearing the weight of door panel. Hinges with poor quality can easily cause door plate deformation and make cabinet switch inconvenient. The types of hinges can be roughly divided into three categories: full cover, half cover and inside. The types of hinges are mainly chosen according to the different installation methods. From the aspect of shape, there is no big difference between high-quality hinge and low-quality hinge. The only difference is to observe their thickness. Good hinges are formed by one-time stamping of alloy, with thick handle and smooth surface. Because of the thick coating on the surface, they are not easy to rust, firm and have strong load-bearing capacity, which makes the cabinet door stretch freely and does not result in imprecise door closure. To say that the installation and disassembly is convenient when it belongs to the quick-fixing hinge, it does not need to drill holes on the spot, the door panel will be pre-positioned to install the hinge.

Choose carefully hand in hand

For the cabinet, no hand, the cabinet is beautiful, it can only be embroidered pillow, can you see it or not. At present, there are four kinds of handles on the market: plastic handles, zinc alloy handles, aluminum alloy handles and stainless steel handles. Zinc alloy handles are widely used in the market nowadays. The technology of surface coating is particularly critical. If the surface of the metal coating is not properly treated, it will easily fall off. Soy sauce, salt and other corrosive condiments in the kitchen, and even sweat containing salt in the hands, can make the zinc alloy handle dull. Plastic handles are not easy to corrode and fade, so they are the most suitable handles for kitchen use. The coating on the surface of plastic hand-holding can be formed arbitrarily, with strong line feeling and elegant appearance. It is becoming a new favorite in the hand-holding market.

Three in one is the best choice for connectors

Connectors connect cabinets and cabinets. Twelve connectors are usually used for a single cabinet. Connectors are usually divided into two types, one is a three-in-one connector, the other is a two-in-one connector. At present, three-in-one connectors, also known as invisible connectors, are commonly used. The three-in-one connector consists of plastic head, connecting rod and connecting cap. Its quality depends on the accuracy of connecting rod. The connecting rod with precision to micron can ensure the accurate joining of cabinets. Two-in-one connectors are exposed outside the cabinet, which is not beautiful and generally not used.

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