Similarities and differences of original wooden door, solid wooden door and molded door

Similarities and differences of original wooden door, solid wooden door and molded door

On the market, wooden doors are often divided into solid wood doors, original wood doors, and plywood doors. The quality of wood doors is directly determined by the board.

Original wood door

The original wooden door is made of several pieces of wood.

The wood is natural and warm, and most of the original wooden doors on the market are Catalpa wood, which belongs to medium and high-grade furniture.

Solid wood door

The solid wood door is made of the same many pieces of wood as the original wood door.

The difference lies in the fact that the solid wood doors are made of precious materials, such as cherry wood, walnut, teak, red pear wood and rosewood, which belong to high-grade furniture.

Solid wood composite door

The frame is made of solid wood, and the long and short strips of solid wood are spliced in the middle, and the veneer or paper skin is pasted on the surface.

Fir, pine or imported filling materials are mostly used.

Moulded wooden door

It is made of two pieces of high-density fiber film with modeling and simulated wood grain, which are pressed mechanically.

Molding doors are mostly made of corner wood and plant fiber, which are ground into powder and pressed into plates


The price of wooden door is also determined by the technology. There are many carvings on the wooden door, so the technology requirements are high. It is more time-consuming than the flat wooden door, and the price also rises.

Lacquer surface

The primer can improve the adhesion, fullness, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance of the finish. The finish coat determines whether the fixed wood door is beautiful in color, smooth in feel, hard and wear-resistant, heat-resistant, water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, etc.

The better the paint quality, the better the color, the less harmful substances and the higher the cost.

Hardware quality

The quality of hardware determines the later use, whether it is quiet, convenient, free of deformation, rust and discoloration.

Installation technology

The installation of wooden doors should also pay attention to, to ensure that the door is flat and vertical, the door leaf and the exposed face of the door jamb are flat; the door leaf opens without abnormal sound, and the switch is flexible and free.

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