Solid wood bathroom cabinet cracks, most of them are not quality problems!

After all, consumers are not professional designers. When they find that the solid wooden bathroom cabinet is cracked, they don’t want to look for the bathroom store immediately. “Your bathroom cabinet has a problem!” The cracking of solid wood bathroom cabinet shows that the quality of bathroom cabinet is not good?

Many friends think that if the solid wood bathroom cabinet cracks, the solid wood must be fake. In fact, it is unavoidable that cracks occur even in real wood furniture. Even the valuable rosewood furniture will crack when it is displayed in the Palace Museum, which also needs to be repaired.

Why does the solid wood bathroom cabinet crack?

  1. Water Content of Solid Wood

If the moisture content of solid wood bathroom cabinet is not well controlled, cracking and deformation will occur. After the production of the bathroom cabinet, the moisture content and drying stress of the wood determine that the shape and material of the bathroom cabinet will not change again. Therefore, it is very important to control the water content of solid wood bathroom cabinet. After balance, the water content will not be cracked and deformed due to environmental factors such as sunshine, supercooling and overheating.

  1. Weather

The water content requirement of the bathroom cabinet is one to two percentage points lower than the actual average air moisture content. Because of the difference of geographical location, the climate and weather in our country are different, so the requirement of water content of bathroom cabinet is different. For example, the average annual water content in Beijing is 11.4%, so the water content of solid wood bathroom cabinets should be controlled at 10.4% or 9.4%, while the average water content in southern air is 14%, which requires 12% to 13%. Therefore, some solid wooden bathroom cabinets in the South will crack when they are transported to the north.

  1. improper use

Some friends are not good at maintaining the valuable solid wood bathroom cabinet, put it in the window position of the bathroom, let “baby” endure the sun exposure, or wipe the dust with too wet towel, move the bathroom cabinet at will, resulting in damage to the bathroom cabinet frame, etc. These will affect the durability of bathroom cabinets.

  1. Transport damage

Bathroom cabinet in the transport process, there will inevitably be bumps and bumps, plus climate reasons, solid wood bathroom cabinet transport is even more difficult. Although solid wood bathroom cabinets are more “strong” than some materials bathroom cabinets, but they are not well maintained, it is also difficult to escape.

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