Sourcing from China’s largest sauna production base :Xuzhou

China’s largest sauna production base

Peixian County in Xuzhou is the largest sauna production base in China. According to my personal investigation,

Sauna room is also called sweat steam room, originated in Finland, it includes dry steam room and wet steam room, but people usually say that sauna room is dry steam room, steam room is wet steam room. Traditional sauna uses burning mineral stone and splashing water on it to generate steam, while modern sauna uses far-infrared and negative ions to achieve the effect of sauna. Sauna room has many functions such as weight loss, detoxification, rheumatism elimination, etc., which are popular with consumers.

The family sauna room includes the dry steam room and the wet steam room, but people usually say that the sauna room generally refers to the dry steam room, and the steam room is the wet steam room.

Dry steaming:

It is to use electric heating equipment (carbon crystal heating plate, ceramic heater, etc.) to directly heat with electric energy, which will release heat to raise the temperature in the sauna room, and make people sweat. The temperature of dry steaming is higher than that of wet steaming, and the highest temperature is about 100 ℃. Dry steaming is especially suitable for patients with rheumatism because it does not contain water. At the same time, it does not have the smell of steam. When steaming, the nose will be more comfortable and the breath will not be suffocating. However, the skin will be dry after steaming, so drink more water before and during steaming.

Wet steaming:

The utility model uses a steam pot to boil water to produce steam, which is then ejected through a pipe, and the steam produced has abundant water. The temperature is generally controlled at about 50 ℃. Women often choose wet steaming, because after steaming, their skin will be ruddy and watery, but they will feel suffocating when breathing. Wet steaming also makes the human body sweat, so before and during the wet steaming process, we should also add more water.

According to different heating principles, it can be divided into dry sauna and wet sauna;

According to different bath culture, it can be divided into: Finnish bath, Turkish bath, Korean steaming, etc;

According to different heating materials, it is divided into:

There are three types of dry steam: far infrared light room, bio spectrum energy room and sweat steam room.

There are two types of wet steaming: Finland sauna (sauna stone) and Turkey sauna (steam)

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