Stained vs. Painted Cabinets

Stained vs. Painted Cabinets

Cabinets are a huge investment for your home. In your kitchen, bathrooms, and even laundry rooms or mudrooms you rely on cabinets to store your possessions and function well for you. You also count on your cabinets to make a major statement about your style and taste. Cabinets can’t be hidden – they’re always visible. What are your cabinets saying about you?

We love to create custom cabinets to fit a particular space or meet an exact need for a family or business. We also love to help people update their spaces with cabinet refacing or replacing. Cabinets can very quickly look dated or damaged, and they work very hard for you. We can help you update your cabinets and show them a little love.

Stained vs. Painted Cabinets
The quickest way to update your cabinets is simply to stain or paint them. It can take just a day or two and requires very few tools or supplies. It’s also relatively easy for a DIY project, even if you don’t have loads of experience. But how do you choose? Should you stain or should you paint?

Stained Cabinets
Staining cabinets can work really well for a DIY project. Staining works best on heavy, grainy, knotty, character wood cabinets. Staining is also much more forgiving of mistakes. However, staining can be a longer process. You may need to strip and sand down your cabinets if they are painted, stained, or have a varnish coating. Professional sanding equipment works best for this type of project. Then you prime the wood and begin staining with your chosen color. You can do as many or few coats as you like for your desired effect. Finish with a sealant varnish and you’re done!

Painted Cabinets
Painting your cabinets allows for a wider range of colors – like the very popular white Shaker style that is dominating the design world right now. Some thicker, chalk-based paints do not require sanding or primer, but many will. You may need to sand down your cabinets, prime, and use several coats to get the opaque, clean look of painted cabinets. Paint can make grains and knotty character more dramatic, so be aware that paint looks better on smooth wood cabinets.

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