Standard and non-standard customized wardrobe Selection Guide

Standard and non-standard customized wardrobe Selection Guide

Standard and non-standard customized wardrobe Selection Guide

How to choose customized wardrobe? In the case of economic permission, it is better to choose some well-known brands. Furniture such as wall cabinet usually needs to be used for 8 to 10 years. Besides the quality of well-known brand goods, after-sales service also has a certain guarantee. If you want to change a pulley or the decorative panel of the door, you can have a channel to solve the problem. From a professional point of view, there are also a few points for attention:

1. Use of Materials

Most of the customized wardrobes on the market are made of medium density fiberboard, some of which are better made of moistureproof board and medium density board, besides veneer. Customized wardrobe hardware is also key, including carbon steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and so on. The smoothness, wear resistance and pressure resistance of pulleys are also very important. The pulleys of brand wardrobes are usually made of carbon fiberglass with balls and non-drying lubricating esters. There is almost no noise when they are pushed and pulled. In addition, good pulleys are often designed with two anti-skip devices to ensure the reliability and safety of cabinet doors when sliding. There is only one anti-jump device or pulley without anti-jump device, and the door is easy to derail when used.

2. Selection of Green Environmental Protection Materials

Excessive formaldehyde content in cabinet doors or cabinet materials will have adverse effects on the health of users. How to judge the formaldehyde content exceeding the standard? The simple way is to open the cabinet door, open the drawer, such as exceeding the standard, generally emit strong stimulating odor, and even make people cry.

3. Is the cabinet design scientific?

Good customized wardrobe cabinet body, usually by different combination of sub-cabinets, can be customized according to the actual situation of customers; drawers and shelves can be increased or decreased freely. But the reporter should remind you that when you are ready to order the wall cabinet, you must first set the specific location at home, and then measure the size. Because some roofs have beams, if this factor is not taken into account, it is likely that the whole wardrobe customized will not be able to enter the wall.

4. Whether the fittings are complete or not

Push-pull mirror, lattice rack, trousers rack, basket, L rack, whether these accessories are complete or not is an important criterion to judge whether their design has the concept of “people-oriented”.

5. Do not buy wardrobes with strong irritating odor

When you buy it, you open the drawer and the door of the wardrobe. The smell makes you cry. This shows that the formaldehyde content of the wardrobe is seriously over the standard. This kind of wardrobe is very harmful to the body, so it is not recommended to buy it. If you buy this wardrobe because of the restrictions, it is better to air it for a period of time to reuse.

6. Don’t buy it because it’s cheap and easy to bargain.

Others don’t say, bargaining is so easy. Think carefully, there must be some problems. Some wardrobes are very cheap. Sometimes bargaining can even cost thousands of yuan. In fact, most of these wardrobes are made of a large number of low-quality materials, often gold and jade. Among them, consumers should be careful about such seemingly cheap wardrobes.

7. It should be noted that the wardrobe made of wood-based panels should not be bought without all edge-sealing treatment.

All the wardrobe parts made of wood-based panels have strict restrictions on edge sealing, especially the wardrobe particleboard should require all edge sealing, which can limit the release of harmful substances in wood-based panels, but many manufacturers only do partial edge sealing in order to save materials, such wardrobes should not be purchased.

However, in the case of such problems, some brand enterprises can still stand firm. Some manufacturers’overall wardrobe performance is still able to maintain growth of nearly 100%, which also shows that this is affirmed by consumers.

To implement standardization, there must be the following points:

1. Individualized production of products should be standardized.

Customized furniture in developed countries is basically standardized production. Customers are free to choose modules and accessories and assemble them according to their own needs when choosing and purchasing. Like IKEA, a world-renowned Swedish brand, it is also customized furniture produced by standardization.

2. Release manpower pressure and reduce terminal staffing

According to the furniture structure chart and the production standard of the whole wardrobe, more than 90% of the wardrobes can be produced according to the standardization. Standardized production, such as a set of wardrobes, can be divided into cabinets No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, consumers can freely assemble into their own style according to their needs. Combined with standardized sales software, the General Purchasing Guide can display the wardrobe effect drawings needed by customers, and can sell without the presence of designers.

3. Standardized production helps to improve product quality and production speed

In addition, products manufactured according to standardization are easier to carry out quality control, such as uniform standard drilling methods, which will change the situation that varies from person to person before and reduce the error rate. For consumers, because the standardized production of manufacturers reduces costs, their prices will be cheaper than the previous non-standard production; at the same time, the advantages of customized wardrobe space-saving, personalized fashion also get greater play. It is imperative for wardrobe enterprises to carry out standardized production.

Standardized production helps the development of customized furniture, which is the inevitable trend of production. With the growth of the household industry, the demand for furniture and customized furniture is doubling. Using modern production mode, accelerating the production of furniture, reducing the error rate and reducing the cost are the inevitable trend of future furniture production.

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