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Sun Stream Infrared Saunas | Infrared Sauna Straight Talk with Dr Jay Khorsandi (2020) Join Kevin Halsey owner of Sun Stream Infrared Saunas and Dr Jay Khorsandi, the host of the “Best Night Ever” podcast for an in-depth chat about Infrared sauna design and performance, heat levels, sweat levels, sauna construction materials and more ! Dr. K. discusses his experience using the Evolve 360 sauna, the Evolve 20 EHS, and gives his infrared sauna review for heat intensity and sweat levels in his home sauna. What is the best infrared sauna ? Have a listen to the conversation and learn the key design features of the best infrared sauna. Many sauna brands lack in heat intensity and the overall amount of Infrared energy delivered to your body. Sun Stream Infrared Saunas and the Evolve 360 saunas are designed to surround you 360 degrees with their low emf sauna carbon heaters. This includes a large carbon panel heater mounted directly in front of you mounted on the front door. Infrared heat is directional and must be aimed at you to provide infrared sauna benefits. Sun Stream Infrared Saunas leads the industry for delivering maximum levels of Infrared to your body. Dr Khorsandi discusses many sauna benefits and how he uses the infrared sauna as part of his “Fire and Ice” routine cycling from sauna to his cold plunge tank. The conversation also includes a discussion of infrared sauna vs traditional sauna. Kevin from Sun Stream Infrared Saunas brings 20 years of experience working with far infrared saunas, near infrared sauna, and full spectrum saunas to the chat. For 10 years Sun Strem Saunas have been one of the best low emf sauna canceling EMF magnetic fields. Sun Stream’s new Evolve EHS sauna heater and electrical system introduced for 2020 is both a low emf infrared sauna and low EF/ELF electric fields. The EHS system cancels electric fields in the sauna to near zero levels, a new industry low, Find all Sun Stream Catalogs, Assembly Manuals, Social links, Videos and more here! Call Sun Stream anytime with all of your Infrared sauna questions and benefit from our 20 years of sauna experience CALL 1-888 262 4477 Visit us on Facebook… Instagram… Dr Jay Khorsandi Instagram @sleepbiohachker #bestinfraredsauna#infraredsauna#sunstreamsaunas

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