Sustainable wood Products in China and FSC certification

Sustainable wood Products in  China  and FSC certification

Forest Stewardship Council in  China  

One of our clients biggest concern is the sustainability and environmental impact of the wood that the factories use. The Forest Stewardship Council, usually called FSC is one of the most respected organizations that track the wood supply chain to make sure that wood is harvested sand sources sustainably. They certify both that factories only use sustainably sourced wood as well as audit the whole supply chain. 

They have two levels or certifications: Forest management certification and chain of custody certification. The Forest management is for those that maintain plantation or harvest wood from the forest. Chain of custody is for the end-users and factories who buy the lumber in order to certify that they are only using sustainably sourced wood in their products. 

They also have controlled wood certification which are for factories that use a mix of FSC certified wood and traditionally sourced wood. This is to encourage the gradual adoption of FCS wood since changing over a factories source of wood isn’t that easy. 

 China  is a forested country so there is no shortage of wood to be found. There are many plantation and wood suppliers in the country that can harvest wood sustainably and have FCS Certification. The Forest Stewardship council makes the name of all certificate holders public in an easily searchable database,  

 China  and the EU Regulations 

   China ’s wood industry now has to comply with regulations across its entire industry, not just wood products exported to the EU. This include crackdown on illegal wood harvesting, better forest management, and more sustainably sourced timber products among many others. It should be noted that these actions are voluntarily enforced by  China , however, they did form a national forest certification process to ensure that wood is properly tracked.  

 China  has taken other steps to ensure that wood is sustainably produced and to promote conservation. EU also mandates that any factory that produces product bound for the EU must comply with FSC guidelines, as a result, many manufacturers are FSC certified.