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Intelligent Home Products Industrialization Project

In the production workshop, the workers perform their duties on the production line, some are busy drying the incomplete wood, some are busy cutting the glue according to the specifications, some are choosing the base material to distinguish whether the finished product meets the standard, while the workers in the finished product workshop are busy loading and transporting the finished products, and the production workshop is busy…

Advanced German Homer Furniture Production Line is dedicated to creating large-scale production bases for the production, processing and sales of wood products, such as medium and high-grade wooden doors and veneers. The main products are solid wood doors, solid wood craft doors, solid wood paint doors, house-wide customized products, etc. Over the years, the company has adhered to market-oriented, benefit-centered, constantly improved its operating mechanism and service network, implemented strict production management system, and ensured the quality of its products by checking every production link at all levels. At the same time, actively explore the market