Tag - Key points of using panel furniture edge bonding adhesive

Key points of using panel furniture edge bonding adhesive

Key points of using panel furniture edge bonding adhesive

With the sharp decline of the global forest area, the crisis of green plants needs to be solved, and the shortage of solid wood supply, which is undoubtedly a bad news for the furniture industry.

As the best alternative raw material of solid wood furniture, artificial board is coming to people’s vision with an irresistible trend. The prospect of panel furniture has laid a good foundation for the development of panel furniture. Looking at the furniture industry, panel furniture is becoming more and more popular.

Custom trend gives panel furniture diversification

From simple customization to intelligent space storage customization, it is not only a qualitative leap process, but also the embodiment of the wisdom of panel furniture enterprises. Under the trend of customization, the panel furniture has won the favor of the mass consumers with the characteristics of random selection of specifications, arbitrary movement and so on. A variety of combinations and arbitrary collocation is one of the highlights.

Green environmental protection concept runs through panel furniture

Compared with the traditional furniture using strong glue, the panel furniture takes the healthy and environmental protection panel as the raw material, with low formaldehyde emission. From the selection of raw materials to the process flow, it adheres to the core concept of healthy and environmental protection.

Efficient customization to improve the production efficiency of panel furniture

It only takes 5-15 days from ordering to delivery. The improvement of efficiency not only shortens the cycle, but also reduces the cost. Its high cost performance ratio is sought after by a large number of consumers.

However, the most important technology in the production of panel furniture is edge sealing! The quality of edge bonding depends on the use of edge bonding adhesive to a large extent. The use of high-quality edge bonding adhesive can not only increase the design aesthetic feeling of panel furniture, but also protect the substrate from environmental impact, integrating aesthetic and environmental protection. Today, we mainly talk about the use of edge bonding adhesive:

Key points of using panel furniture edge bonding adhesive

  1. Temperature during edge sealing

Because the performance of hot-melt adhesive is affected by temperature, so in the process of edge bonding, temperature is a very important index. The temperature of hot melt adhesive, substrate, edge bonding material and working environment are very important parameters.

On the automatic edge banding machine, because the adhesive is applied on the base material, the base material with low temperature will make the hot melt adhesive solidify in advance, so that the adhesive can stick on the base material, but the edge banding material cannot be firmly adhered, and the temperature of the base material is better to be kept above 20 ° C.

The working temperature of the edge banding machine will affect the curing speed of the adhesive. In the factory, edge sealing often occurs in the season of low temperature. The reason is that the curing speed of hot-melt adhesive is accelerated and the effective time of bonding is shortened at low temperature. If the feeding speed of the edge banding machine cannot be changed, the plate and the edge banding material must be preheated to ensure the edge banding quality.

  1. Treatment of edge bonding glue line

The glue line between the plate and the edge banding belt after edge banding will have a bad effect on the appearance of panel furniture. Too much glue will make the glue line obvious, on the contrary, it will reduce the edge bonding strength.

For the discontinuous or uneven glue line phenomenon, there are many reasons. The following factors should be taken into consideration: the opening accuracy of the plate, the edge of the plate must be kept at 90 ° angle with its plane; whether the pressure distribution of the edge banding machine roller is uniform, the size is appropriate, the direction of the pressure should be 90 ° angle with the edge of the plate; whether the gluing roller is in good condition, and whether the hot melt adhesive is even on it Whether the gluing amount is appropriate; the boards with the edge sealed shall be kept in the place with less dust as far as possible, and the dirty things shall not contact with the glue line in the finishing process.

  1. Requirements for base material and edge sealing material

It is difficult to seal the edge of the base material which is rich in grease. The oily material will reduce the affinity between the board and the adhesive, and the adhesive strength will be greatly reduced when the time is long, which will cause the edge sealing strip to fall off.

The moisture content of the board and veneer should not exceed 12%. If the moisture content is too high, the hot-melt adhesive will be cured in advance and its wettability will be reduced, so the adhesive strength will be reduced;

  1. Maintenance of edge banding machine

Stop work: when the edge banding machine is not working, the temperature of the glue tank shall be reduced to about 150 ℃. On the one hand, it can avoid carbonization of hot-melt glue under the use temperature for a long time, keep the glue tank clean, which will not cause blockage of the glue supply system and reduce the heating performance; on the other hand, when it is working again, it can quickly raise the glue tank to the use temperature. In addition, more than 2 / 3 of the rubber must be kept in the rubber tank, otherwise black carbonization will be generated around the rubber tank;

Regular cleaning: regularly clean the rubber tank and the glue roller. Excessive carbonization around the rubber tank and residues on the rubber roller will reduce the performance of the heating system and the glue supply system;

Cleaning method: if you want to remove the residual glue in the rubber can, before the edge banding machine stops working, when the glue is still in the melting state, put a T-shaped object into the glue, wait until the glue is completely cooled, and then reheat. Because the glue at the bottom and around the rubber can be heated and melted first, then most of the residual glue can be taken out with the T-shaped object. Then the mixture of toluene and methylene chloride 1:1 was used to clean the residual glue.