Teach you to understand the misunderstanding of wooden door

Teach you to understand the misunderstanding of wooden door

Will expensive heavy wooden doors be good? Different styles of home decoration, the types of wooden doors are not the same. In our daily life, we usually contact a lot of wooden doors, there will be a lot of misunderstanding is wrong, today to introduce, what are these misunderstandings we have always thought?

Misunderstanding 1. The heavier the wooden door is, the better the door is?

I believe that many people in the choice, will have such an idea. Think that the heavier the wood, the harder the more stable, the greater the wood hardness, the stability of the wooden door will be better!

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Misunderstanding 2, pure solid wood door is the best?

In fact, it should be said that each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The pure solid wood door caters to people’s psychology of returning to nature, which is healthy and environmental protection. Need to take care of, too dry and humid environment is not suitable for solid wood, strong direct sunlight, frequent switching on and off the air conditioning caused by the humidity between the rooms is too large, affecting the solid wood doors.

Misunderstanding 3, pure solid wood home = absolute environmental protection?

The environmental protection of solid wood furniture is relative. Solid wood furniture using pure natural materials, relative to the need to add a variety of chemicals and processing materials, is indeed more environmentally friendly.

Generally speaking, the wood used in solid wood furniture comes from felling trees, so the environmental protection of solid wood furniture is relatively speaking, and it is not absolutely environmental protection.

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Misunderstanding 4, wooden door hardware can perfunctory?

Wood door hardware may at first glance, it doesn’t matter, but over time, you will know the advantages and disadvantages. It’s very important to choose wood door hardware well!

Wooden door is not enough to choose the brand, but also to have a good look at the supporting hardware, also to recognize the quality assurance. Don’t buy Sanwu hardware products. It’s too late to regret.

Misunderstanding 5, wooden door sets the door pocket material to go at will

Many people in the choice of wooden doors, only concerned about the quality of the door leaf, but ignored the door pocket line. Sometimes, it is precisely the door pocket line problems, leading to the impact of the use of wooden doors, so, the choice of wooden doors, doorset line can not be arbitrary.

We should pay attention to the above five points when choosing the lacquered wooden door. Otherwise, the service life of the wooden door will be greatly shortened and the living mood and comfort will be affected.

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