Teak Outdoor Furniture Factory Production Process

Teak Outdoor Furniture Factory Production Process

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We start the outdoor furniture production process by saw milling our wood log stocks into planks that we needs. Teak logs is taken from the forest outside jepara city which the most known city that produce high quality teak wood is blora and pacitan city, The soil is the main factor that determine quality of the trees. All of teak wood that we use on our productions is government certified or legal wood either it was a government managed forest known as PERHUTANI or local village forest known as people forest.

Kiln Dried Teak Wood

Second process on our furniture production is kiln dry, We mainly use conventional kiln dry to do this task. But before we do that it needs at least 3 days for the wood plank to stay air dry. It prevent the wood for excessive damage due an extreme temperature changes. We kill and dry our planks minimum 7 days and 15 days maximum depend on the thickness of the planks. we have our own kiln dry system in our teak outdoor furniture factory.

Cutting Furniture Component

After the planks is dried we move on to the next process which is making component, We draw a pattern of the outdoor furniture products straight to the wood board one by one. it might take a longer time compare to automatic machine. But it will reduce more waste and more eco friendly. after that we cut the patterned planks with band saw and circular saw and sort it to get a best component. we mold and shape it into the required form and make a mortise and tenon joint and other required joinery.

Assembling And Finishing

Next step on our teak outdoor furniture production is assembling, All the mortised and tenon and other component that been prepared from early step is now joint or assembly using special outdoor glue, Skilled and experienced worker is required here in this process to minimize error from the early process. after the glue is cured then we sanding the products to remove excess glue and smoothing the surface. than we polish with special polisher and than packed it up. All the process required skilled man to overdue to achieve maximum results, but basically that was what we do here in ourfurniture factory.

Some furniture which sometime have the humidity higher than 18% in average will send back into kiln dry chamber until it reach the safety point of humidity level. Some other which have humidity level less than 18% in average and ready for the next step will move to the finishing warehouse for polishing, quality controlling process, hardware setting, packing and loading into container.

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