The acceptance checklist of the whole cabinet

Kitchen cabinets QC inspection andchecklist for sourcing .

  1. Ground cabinet acceptance: The installation position of the ground cabinet should be strictly in accordance with the design drawing, without changing the position at will, and without any scratches, indentations and other damage to the appearance.

The cabinet door switch is not obstructed, the handle height is consistent, and there is no obvious gap when closed. Waterproof aluminum foil should be used on the bottom of tank body.

  1. Hanging cabinet acceptance: Hanging cabinet installation to be firm, no tilt phenomenon. The screw at the wall joint should not be less than M8 to ensure load-bearing. The others are the same as the floor cabinet.
  2. Countertop acceptance: The combination of the countertop and cabinet should be firm, there is no loosening. After installation, the level should be guaranteed, and the artificial stone countertop should be seamlessly jointed. The mesa is smooth without obvious scratches. The gap between the back water retaining wall and the ceramic tile wall should not be greater than 3mm, and it should be sealed with sealant.
  3. Acceptance and Checklist of hardware: the brand and style of hardware fittings are in accordance with the agreement. All the hardware fittings that can be touched have no obvious sharp parts, good quality, strong durability and strong corrosion resistance. The installation of the basket and drawer should be firm, requiring multiple switches to verify the smoothness and no obvious abnormal sound. The drawer gap is uniform, and the basket can be closed automatically when it is opened 20 mm, which proves that the load-bearing capacity is better.
  4. Other acceptance: the size of the sink and stove is reasonable, the connection between the sink and the table is well sealed with glue, the faucet is firmly installed, the pipeline and the connecting part can be maintained unobstructed, and there is no leakage.

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