The Challenges and Our Approaches of sourcing chinese furniture

Scams And Frauds

Some Suppliers from China use fake credentials. They believe in taking advantages of others through conducting dishonest business. The only intention from them is to take your money and disappear.

Language Barrier And Poor Communication

This is the most common issues when dealing with Chinese suppliers. Some of them don’t have English-speaking employees in house. It is also very common for them to be very slow in responding your inquiry during the production.

Poor Quality And Late Delivery

There are lots of times when the manufactured product fails to meet the requirement in terms of quality and lead time. There can be various reasons that the manufacturer makes mistakes in the design and production. It’ also very common for them not to deliver products on time.

High MOQ and Quote Exceeding Budget

It’s of the manufacturer’s interests to have higher Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) and unit price. It’s quite common that the factory are asking for a MOQ much higher than your production plan or their quote on each unit has far exceeded your budget.

Factory Audit And Verification

We will physically audit the prospective suppliers and provide also a comprehensive business report regarding their business license, business scope, years of operation, credit report and annual revenue.

Responsive Bilingual Customer Support

Our services is customer-centered and we believe in effective communication being the key to success in manufacturing. All of our staffs are bilingual and we will coordinate with the suppliers on your behalf.

Quality Control And Product Inspection

It’s very essential to have someone on the ground in China to monitor the production and consolidate your order. From raw materials procurement, production schedule monitoring, quality control to final inspections, our job is to ensure the final delivery meeting our customer’s requirement in quality and time.


Our Local Chinese staffs have all mastered the art of negotiating with suppliers given our knowledge of different industries and understanding of the Chinese culture. You can rely on us always for better price and fewer units when it comes to mass production.

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