The quality of kitchen cabinets is mainly determined by these three aspects.

The quality of kitchen cabinets is mainly determined by these three aspects.

Customized cabinets have become a major trend. As the most critical furniture in the kitchen, the quality of cabinets directly affects the quality of life. When choosing and purchasing cabinets, besides understanding customization process, pricing method and after-sales service, we should not neglect the concern about the quality of cabinets themselves.


The material of cabinet includes board, door board and countertop. The material of these three parts must be safe, environmentally friendly and durable, but the emphasis is different. The board supports the whole cabinet, and the usage is large, so the requirements of environmental protection and firmness are higher. In addition to considering these factors, the door panel material also requires good anti-pollution and moisture-proof performance; the mesa material should be waterproof, not easy to break, dirty and easy to handle.

  1. Hardware

Hardware plays a connecting role, once a problem occurs in a certain part, the performance of the cabinet will be affected. Therefore, the hardware fittings of cabinets must be excellent. Well-known customized cabinet brands will generally choose to cooperate with first-class hardware manufacturers at home and abroad; when customizing cabinets, some well-served brand cabinets will also clearly mark the brand of hardware used, or mark prices of different grades, consumers can choose comparatively; in contrast, the source of small brands of hardware is difficult to know. Therefore, brand selection is very important.

III. Technology

If we take cooking as an example, materials and hardware are like food materials and tools, while technology is cooking technology, which directly determines the final results. Technology is a complex topic for consumers, but we can judge whether the process of the manufacturer is OK by naked eyes. The edges of high-quality cabinets are delicate, smooth and feel good. The edges of low-quality cabinets are usually rough and even cracked, which will lead to the accelerated release of formaldehyde in the interior. The door panels of high-quality cabinets are straight and beautiful, and the door panels of low-quality cabinets usually have uneven cracks and gaps.

When we buy cabinets, we should carefully look at these details, which directly reflects the technological level of manufacturers, but also an important way to judge the quality of cabinets.

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