The substitution of Nanxun water paint for oil paint attracts CCTV’s attention

The substitution of Nanxun water paint for paint attracts CCTV’s attention

Due to the use of oily paint in wood industry, motor industry and elevator industry in Nanxun, the task of VOCs treatment is heavy. Therefore, in recent years, Nanxun has gradually changed the old way of mainly relying on the improvement of terminal pollution control facilities, and promoted water-based paint to replace oil-based paint in these industries. In a sheet and spray workshop of an automobile service company in Nanxun, the staff are painting in the operation room, and the environmental department personnel have detected the VOCs content in the workshop.

The wood industry is the traditional advantage industry of Nanxun, but it has been troubled by “low, small, scattered, disordered and polluted” for a long time. Therefore, Nanxun has made great efforts to renovate the whole industry and control the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced in the process of painting, spraying and hot pressing.

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