The total production of wooden clothes hangers in Guangxi accounts for 50% of the country

The total production of wooden clothes hangers in Guangxi accounts for 50% of the country

December 22, 2021 source: Nanguo Jinbao video

Since the beginning of the 14th five year plan, the forestry bureau of the autonomous region has actively strengthened the primary industry focusing on forest resource cultivation and seedling breeding, improved the secondary industry focusing on wood intensive processing, pulp and paper making and forest chemical industry, expanded the tertiary industry focusing on ecotourism, forest health and forest related services, and promoted the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries of forestry.

Wood based panel industry is the core industry of wood processing industry in the region. In recent years, the structure adjustment of wood-based panel industry in our district has been accelerated, mergers and acquisitions are being carried out in an orderly manner, backward production capacity is being eliminated, and green environmental protection products are gradually increasing. At present, there are more than 15200 forest products processing enterprises in the region, and the qualified rate of first-class products of large wood-based panel enterprises exceeds 90%.

The total production of wooden clothes hangers in Guangxi accounts for 50% of the country

On November 14, workers were collecting drying sticks in the drying yard of a wood processing plant in xingdaohu Town, Hepu County. In recent years, taking advantage of local forestry resources, the county has introduced forestry enterprises to deeply process forest raw materials, which has effectively driven the local people to increase their income and become rich. Photo by Lin Qibo

There are 2.4 million hectares of pine forest, 366000 hectares of star anise and 75000 hectares of cinnamon in our area. The technological innovation and development system and platform of forest chemical industry have been preliminarily established. The rosin industry has successively developed more than 40 series products such as disproportionated rosin and terpineol, which are widely used in adhesive, ink, electronics and other industrial fields. The output of characteristic forest products such as plantation and economic forest ranks first in China.

Our district will further promote the construction of forestry industrial parks, build a regional forestry function complementary symbiotic circle based on circular economy, build forestry industrial clusters, and promote the full coverage of characteristic core demonstration areas. At present, The region has a core demonstration area of modern forestry 61 (autonomous region level), with a total area of 440000 mu, a total investment of nearly 70 billion yuan, and more than 2400 enterprises. The demonstration area covers precious tree species and advantageous timber forests, characteristic economic forests, flower seedlings, forest eco-cultural tourism and other advantageous and characteristic forestry industries. Make full use of the traditional advantages of wood and bamboo products production to create wood and bamboo products with Guangxi characteristics in Guilin, Liuzhou and Baise Guangxi wooden clothes hanger brands such as “qiaotianxia”, “Yuxiang”, “Huahai” and Guilin Lipu wooden and bamboo clothes hanger sell well overseas. The total production and export volume of clothes hangers account for about 50% of the total production and export volume of similar products in China.

Press conference to answer reporters’ questions (excerpt)

Q: Guangxi’s forest chemical industry occupies a dominant position in the country and even the world. How will Guangxi strengthen and consolidate this advantageous industry in the next step?

A: for a long time, the output of forest chemical products in Guangxi ranks first in China. Guangxi star anise, rosin and their further processed products account for more than 50% of the world trade volume, and the output of fennel oil, cinnamon, cinnamon oil and tannin extract accounts for more than 90% of the country. It is the most important production base of forest chemical products in China. In order to consolidate this advantageous industry, the construction of forest products and chemical projects will be promoted from two aspects.

First, further promote the construction of spice raw material forest base mainly composed of star anise, cinnamon and camphor. A number of high-yield and efficient demonstration bases of star anise will be built in Fangcheng District, Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County, Teng County, Ningming County, Pubei County, Youjiang District, Lingyun County, Napo County and other key star anise producing areas, and the scale of the whole region will remain above 4 million mu. Cinnamon raw material forest bases will be built in Yulin, Wuzhou, Guigang, Chongzuo, Fangchenggang and other areas, and the scale of the whole region will remain above 1.2 million mu. Vigorously develop camphor raw material forest bases in Nanning, Liuzhou and other regions. Continue to promote the construction of other spice raw material forest bases.

Secondly, further build intensive processing projects of forest chemical products. Build forest chemical industry clusters such as rosin, fennel oil, cinnamon oil, camphor oil, osmanthus essential oil, jasmine essential oil and Magnolia essential oil, support the introduction of biopharmaceutical product manufacturers such as shikimic acid, dragon’s blood, star anise polysaccharide and cinnamon polyphenols, and focus on the construction of rosin and turpentine intensive processing bases in Wuzhou, Yulin, Nanning, Fangchenggang, Hezhou, Baise and Chongzuo, Support the construction of octagonal deep processing bases in Wuzhou, Fangchenggang, Yulin, Baise, Chongzuo, Qinzhou and Laibin, cinnamon deep processing bases in Wuzhou, Fangchenggang, Guigang and Yulin, and camphor oil deep processing bases in Nanning, Liuzhou, Beihai and Yulin. Focus on supporting the construction of large centralized adhesive production bases in Guigang, Wuzhou and other places. Continue to promote tannin extract, aloes, flowers and fragrances and other forest chemical products processing base construction.

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