The type of board and how to choose board for wardrobe

The type of board and how to choose board for wardrobe

The wardrobe is a good storage furniture, whether it is customized by the manufacturer or by looking for carpenters to make the wardrobe on site, we must use the corresponding plates. Usually, what we put in the wardrobe are our personal clothes and so on, so the requirements for boards are very high. Today, we sort out several commonly used boards on the market, and the introduction of how to select the boards in the wardrobe, so as to help you solve the problems.

Types of wardrobe board

Detailed introduction of the types of plates

  1. Solid wood board

Solid wood board is made of complete wood. Its advantages are firm and durable, fresh and natural lines. It is the preferred material in decoration. However, the cost and construction technology requirements of this kind of board are higher, which is more suitable for villa, duplex building and other high-end decoration.

  1. Splint

Plywood is plywood, also known as thin core board in the industry. It is made of three or more layers of 1cm veneer by hot pressing. There are many specifications of plywood, including 18 cm plate, 15 cm plate, 12 cm plate, 9 cm plate, 5 cm plate and 3 cm plate.

  1. Decorative panel

The decorative panel is a commonly used high-grade decoration material. The solid wood board is planed into ultra-thin veneer with a thickness of about 0.2 mm. The plywood is used as the base material and is made by adhesive process. The thickness of the decorative panel is about 3cm.

  1. Blockboard

Blockboard, also known as big core board, is made of two veneers glued and pressed. The price is cheaper than the thin core board. The transverse bending strength of blockboard is higher, and the vertical bending strength is poor.

  1. Particleboard

The main raw material of particleboard is wood chips, then infiltrated and pressed with glue. Particleboard is divided into extruded and pressed particleboard, which has low strength and low price.

  1. Density board

Density board is commonly known as fiberboard. It is made of wood fiber and plant fiber with adhesive. Its material is soft, impact resistant and rich in shape.

  1. Fireproof board

The main raw material of fireproof board is siliceous or calcareous material, mixed with chemical additives such as fiber material, which is made by autoclave technology. The thickness is generally 0.8 mm, 1 mm and 1.2 mm. Because of the high technological requirements of fireproof board, it is more expensive than decorative panel.

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How to choose wardrobe board

  1. Formaldehyde content

In the selection and purchase of wardrobe board, we must pay attention to the environmental protection of the wardrobe board, we can put the wardrobe board on the tip of your nose to smell, to see if there is a pungent smell. You can also check whether the manufacturer can provide qualified product quality test report.

  1. Plate edge sealing

In the selection and purchase of wardrobe board, we must carefully observe the edge sealing of wardrobe board, the quality of edge sealing will directly affect the service life of the wardrobe, but also affect the volatilization of harmful substances such as viscose. Therefore, we should check whether the edge banding is warped and thick, so as to prevent manufacturers from cutting corners.

  1. Plate quality

In the selection and purchase of wardrobe board, we must carefully observe whether the quality of wardrobe board is high quality. In general, the surface of the wardrobe board will be pasted with the manufacturer’s trademark. We can detect whether the board comes from the regular manufacturer through the trademark, so as to avoid buying three no products. In addition, we can also check the cross-section of the wardrobe board, check whether the internal material is uniform and fine, whether the work is exquisite, so as to determine the quality of the board.

  1. Plate thickness

There are many kinds of thicknesses of wardrobe panels on the market, such as: 9mm, 16mm, 18mm, 25mm, 36mm, etc., so when purchasing wardrobe panels, you must carefully observe which specifications are used for the thickness of wardrobe panels. In general, the cabinet body and door panel are about 18mm, and the backboard is about 9mm. In order to avoid the manufacturer to cut corners, we should measure whether the thickness of the plate is up to standard.

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