Tips and guide for cabinet purchase

Tips and guide for cabinet purchase

In fact, no matter what brand or material of the cabinet is good, we must see whether the following 7 points are in place. If they are in place, the quality will not be bad, otherwise, the quality needs to be inspected:

  1. Look at the combination and assembly of kitchen cabinets

Tenon mortise joint structure is the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. Because its parts are made of wood materials, it can expand and contract synchronously with the wood cabinet, which is the best way to assemble the wood cabinet. Compared with the assembly of three in one eccentric parts used in the market, it is more closely occluded, which can effectively ensure the firmness and bearing capacity of the cabinet, and enhance the service life and stability of the kitchen cabinet.

  1. Look at the edge sealing of plates

The edge sealing of high-quality kitchen cabinet is delicate, smooth, with good feel, straight and smooth sealing line, and fine joint. Using the linear edge banding machine to complete the process of edge banding, head cutting, edge trimming, chamfering, polishing and so on, can create such a perfect edge banding and extend the service life of the kitchen cabinet.

  1. Drilling

The fit and precision of the hole position will affect the structural firmness of the cabinet. A large professional factory uses multiple rows of drills to complete several holes on the edge and surface of a plate at a time. These holes are a positioning benchmark and the dimension accuracy is guaranteed.

  1. Cutting board

Cutting board is the first process of cupboard production. Baichu uses Italy Biesse full-automatic numerical control electronic cutting saw to input processing size through computer, and the size accuracy of material selection is controlled by computer. The size accuracy of the board with stable equipment performance is very high, the tolerance unit is in microns, and there is no stubble on the edge of the board.

  1. Guard board

The door panel is the face of the cupboard, so it is as important as the face of a person. The door panel produced by small factory is easy to be damp and deformed due to improper treatment of base material and surface technology. The base material of the door panel is arranged in a directional way, which has high stability and is not easy to deform. In addition, any dimensional error in the production process will be reflected in the door panel. The door panel produced by professional large factories is horizontal and vertical, and the gap between the doors is even. The door panel of the combined kitchen cabinet produced by small factories will have uneven seam, uneven gap, large and small.

  1. Look at the details of kitchen cabinet sealing strip, anti-collision strip, etc.

Loose sealing of sealing strip will cause oil smoke, dust, insects, etc. to enter. In general, large brand cabinets will use refrigerator level silent edge sealing double tube anti-collision strip, which not only double the sealing to prevent cockroaches and other pests from entering; at the same time, when using, it can reduce the impact force of cabinet door closing and eliminate noise.

  1. Look at the hardware accessories of the kitchen cabinet

The hardware parts of the kitchen cabinet play an important role in the use of the whole kitchen cabinet, especially the slide rails of the drawers and the bearings at the joints. Although these are very small details, they are important parts that affect the quality of the kitchen cabinet.

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