Tips for Purchasing Far Infrared Sauna Room


Tips for Purchasing Far Infrared Sauna Room

For customers who need to buy far-infrared sauna room, how to choose far-infrared sauna room also needs some skills. Here are some tips for you to choose far-infrared sauna room.

Security – the top priority

When bathing, the whole body is wet and the resistance is very low. A little leakage of electric current may lead to electric shock danger. Therefore, the safety performance of far infrared sauna room is directly related to human life safety, and it is very important.

So first look at whether there is a leak-proof security guard (leakage protector – this is the most basic configuration), in case of a fault leading to leakage, the leak-proof security guard can cut off power within 0.1 seconds to ensure safety.

Preferred – Burning Continuous Heating Pipe

With the development of light wave room, sweat room and spectrum energy room, heating material is not only a single far infrared heating tube, but also carbon fiber heating plate, spectrum board, heating film and so on.

Heating pipe is a key professional component. If it is burnt out, it is difficult to choose and match, resulting in the abandonment of the whole far infrared sauna room. The traditional heating pipe is wound with a circle of thin electric heating wire, which is easy to burn out. The continuous firing diamond tube adopts advanced high temperature sintering technology, which combines conductive layer and high strength base to form diamond layer, so it has the advantages of high temperature resistance and continuous firing. (100% pure ceramics are used in the light wave room for choosing heating tubes, but the quality of pure ceramics heating tubes varies in the market at present, so we should open our eyes when choosing heating tubes.)

Energy Saving by Frequency Conversion

Far-infrared sauna room belongs to high-power heating appliances. Energy saving is very important. Whether energy saving depends mainly on frequency conversion technology. Good frequency conversion heating technology can save about 35% of electricity and greatly improve business efficiency.

Selecting materials carefully, high temperature treatment is the key

After the logs are cut out, the next process is drying. This process is very important, which directly affects whether the wood will crack and deform, so the drying time must be guaranteed. Wood must also choose solid wood.

Topson’s far-infrared sauna room is made of wood. Only 100% of the logs can ensure green and natural, harmless to the human body. The log treated by high temperature has very good stability and can greatly improve the service life of the house. However, in order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use synthetic materials to process the room. This kind of bathroom is easy to volatilize harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde after heating, which obviously violates the purpose of health and leisure for users.

Internal parts are very important – electrical circuit

High-quality components are the guarantee of far-infrared sauna room safety, performance and service life. Digital sensors, computer control, VCD audio has become the standard configuration of far infrared sauna room with excellent performance.

At present, VCD audio has basically been eliminated, replaced by car-mounted CD, digital audio, when choosing a bathroom to see clearly.

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