Transformation and upgrading Nankang furniture has changed from a “grass-roots economy” to a 100 billion industrial cluster

Transformation and upgrading Nankang furniture has changed from a “grass-roots economy” to a 100 billion industrial cluster

September 10, 2021 source: Nankang mobile phone heat report: 4346

After more than 20 years of cultivation and development, without forest resources, market conditions and transportation advantages, Nankang furniture industry has changed from a “grass-roots economy” to a 100 billion industrial cluster, creating an industrial development miracle of “making things out of nothing”.

Relying on Nankang furniture, the modern home town focuses on the goal of building a furniture distribution center in the country and even the world, focuses on cultivating leaders, supplementing chains, building platforms, protecting elements and strengthening clusters, innovates and practices the transformation and upgrading path of “changing enterprises to regulations and listing shares”, and promotes the development of furniture enterprises from “low, small and scattered” to standardization, standardization and green, Fulong crown is one of them. Through transformation, upgrading and development, Fulong crown has developed from a small enterprise into a large furniture enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales, with brand stores all over the country.

Under the guidance of Party building, Fulong crown has done large-scale, strong brand and live marketing, worked hard to build the benchmark of the industry, and achieved the high-quality development of the furniture industry. The company started from the source of product design and cooperated with design companies to promote the seamless connection between furniture design and transformation. At the same time, aiming at the personalized needs of young people, the company designed modern home products and formed new market advantages. It has improved the awareness of original design, improved the ability of R & D and design, and launched more original, intelligent and high-end furniture products.

Nankang furniture is all over the world, and the furniture of the world is in Nankang. In recent years, with the construction and improvement of Ganzhou international dry port, home town, national furniture product quality supervision and inspection center and other public service platforms, the construction and operation of “one network and five centers” such as home intelligent networking, International Wood Trading Distribution Center, intelligent spraying center, design center, material preparation center and financial settlement center, as well as the transformation and upgrading of furniture industry With the implementation of trademark and brand strategy, Nankang furniture industry has changed from quantity oriented to high-end and brand oriented, and its popularity and influence have been continuously improved. Nankang furniture with nothing and Zhongsheng characteristics has formed a 100 billion furniture industry cluster. Home channel giants such as red star Macalline, incredibly home, Yuexing, mecomejia and the world’s top furniture manufacturers gathered in Nankang. Gree Electric, the world’s top 500 enterprise, settled in Nankang and jointly created a new era of integrated development of “Home + home appliances” with Nankang furniture.

In addition, Nankang District transplanted the development experience of furniture industry, grasped the new opportunities in the port era and high-speed rail era, found a breakthrough and entry point in the “Jiangxi Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Belt”, and actively explored ways to accelerate the development of electronic information industry by promoting industrial planning, improving policy supporting, strengthening precision investment promotion “Nankang model” of “targeting market segments, relying on core technology and realizing the development of the whole industrial chain cluster”.

Jiangxi chenchuang Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the production of electronic ceramic products and magnetic electronic products. Its products are widely used in mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, automobiles and other fields. It has become a new force for the expansion, structural optimization and level improvement of Ganzhou electronic information industry. The annual production capacity of the enterprise last year was 150 million a year. After the expansion in 2021, The annual production capacity is 300 million, and the enterprise plans to increase production lines in the third and fourth quarters of this year to reach 600 million a year.

Today, the region’s high-quality industrial development has made steady progress, showing the characteristics of accelerated development and growth of industrial clusters, further acceleration of major project construction, continuous strengthening of industrial chain supply chain, continuous improvement of platform carrying capacity and accelerated cultivation of new kinetic energy. Over the past five years, the output value of furniture industry clusters has increased by 25% annually, exceeded 100 billion yuan in 2016 and more than 200 billion yuan in 2020, which is in the furniture industry in China China has achieved a leap from participating in following up, accelerating and running, and then catching up with and surpassing the leader, becoming China’s solid wood capital, furniture capital and home capital. 1015 furniture enterprises have reached the above standard, and the number of Industrial Enterprises above the provincial standard has increased from 126 to 583, ranking first in all industrial clusters in the province; a standard plant of 11.2 million square meters has been built, and counties (cities, districts) in the province The development zone has the largest scale. The reform and innovative development of the development zone have been accelerated, and the area of the industrial park has increased from 5200 Mu to 20444 mu, 3.9 times that of 2015. We have unswervingly promoted the “strong industrial zone” and completely changed the past “one cigarette dominates and one mine dominates” Our economic structure, industrial structure and tax source structure have gradually built a modern industrial system and stood up a solid backbone for the revitalization and development of Nankang!

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