Types of Sauna and How They Work

Types of Sauna and How They Work

  1. Traditional Log Sauna Room
  • Prefabricated Sauna Rooms built with logs of wood and timber are characterized by thermally insulated walls, ceiling, and Built up entirely from wood, they are heated using an electric stove which is popularly referred to as a sauna stove that is used to heat the rocks. As a result of this, dry heat is produced and radiated throughout the room.
  • When water droplets are sprinkled on the rocks, the sauna stove converts these droplets into vapours, and in turn, produces wet heat. And that’s how a combination of both dry and wet heat is produced. To control the temperature, the level of fire in the stove is controlled.
  1. Infrared Sauna Room
  • Popularly known as ‘Heat Therapy Room’, the speciality of this room is that the heat generated is based on the level of a person’s body heat. It doesn’t only focus on radiating the heat in the air of the room.
  • In this room, water is not used; hence only dry heat is produced. Normally, sportspersons and bodybuilders go for this one as the dry heat helps in toning their muscles and relaxing their body post a workout session.
  1. Sauna Cabin/ Sauna Box
  • This is similar to a sauna room, just a little more compact, enclosed and restricted area. One can experience both dry and wet heat combinations. It can be installed anywhere including places like gyms, homes, offices, etc. Even if the available area is just a few square meters, it is practically possible to install one sauna cabin.
  1. Infrared Foot Sauna
  • How often have we heard our elders say, feeling tired, just soak your feet in a tub of hot water, you’ll feel better? Infrared Foot Sauna is an alternative to the age-old practice of hot water foot soak.
  • It is often recommended by medical professionals to older people and people who complain about joint pains. It is small in size, lightweight and hence easily portable.

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