Types of TV Cabinets

Types of TV Cabinets

Wooden-tv-cabinet-3-drawersA television cabinet is a convenient way to store your electronic equipment and accessories while providing a display spot for your TV unit. Media centers come in various designs and wood types, so do a little research before picking a stand for your home so that you`re completely satisfied with your first purchase.

Wood Options

Television stands are available in several woods. Many pieces are made of veneered plywood, which can usually hold more weight than genuine wood. Veneered cabinets mimic the appearance of many common woods and are often less expensive than natural wood choices but may not be as durable.

If youre interested in real options, youll find stands in oak, maple, walnut, pine, cedar, cherry and even ebony and rosewood. Appearance varies widely by wood. For example, maple usually has a light blond color while walnut is a darker brown. Rosewood is known for its distinctive pink or purplish hue.

As with appearance, durability, cleaning techniques and maintenance requirements differ by wood. Rosewood is easy to stain and requires a high polish while walnut is known for its resistance to damage and lower maintenance routine.

When youre deciding between wood types for your cabinet, youll need to take appearance, qualities and maintenance into account. Look for a piece that fits into your current layout but isnt so distinct that it would stick out if you made major changes to your interior design scheme. Avoid woods that require high maintenance if you dont have the time or types that dont fit your current lifestyle. For example, if youve got small children, a light wood such as maple may not be the best choice because it will show stains more than a darker type.

Cabinet Types

The right cabinet type for you largely depends on personal preferences and what you plan to store and display. Measure your space before you buy to ensure your cabinet will fit your components and the available floor space.


The cantilever style often has a long cabinet at the base with a spine extending upward to accommodate flat screen televisions. Cabinets may have one or two doors and some have glass panels instead of solid wood front pieces.

Entertainment Centers

An entertainment center is a larger piece that often features shelving, multiple cabinets and nook spaces for both components and media. Centers do take up more space than some other styles but provide a lot of storage and organization options.

Corner Pieces

Corner television cabinets are designed at an angle to fit into corners. These pieces are a good option for those with little floor space. Since the cabinet is angled, a corner stand may not offer as much storage as entertainment centers or cantilevers.

CORNER_TV_CABINETOnce youve decided on a style and wood, make sure your choice blends into your current decoration scheme and layout. If youve got wooden blinds, for example, your cabinet`s wood must match or complement those blinds for the best match. Remember to account for all your components when deciding how much storage you need.

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