USA or China: Which Country is Better in Manufacturing Kitchen Cabinets?

USA or China: Which Country is Better in Manufacturing Kitchen Cabinets?

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The price of the cabinets determines its quality. If you purchase a product that is cheaper than the average price range, expect it to be lower in quality. Although buying a much expensive one will not guarantee a durable product ideal for your home, but it is mostly the case. 

It is common knowledge that Chinese-made cabinets are cheaper than American cabinetry. Certain aspects are compared from two different cabinet types, and this post sums up the results. This post, however, does not represent all Chinese and USA made kitchen cabinets. All cabinets are made unique, but the American-made cabinets and Chinese-made cabinets are used to create a documented product comparison. With that being said, let’s take a look at how they differ. 

Plywood vs. Particle Board

American made cabinets are made from particleboard while in Chinese made cabinets, plywood is used. While particleboard has been the standard requirement for cabinet making, the Chinese chose to stick to their plywood made ones. But a secret is revealed as to why Chinese manufacturers use it. According to some Chinese cabinet manufacturers, plywood construction is used by Chinese cabinet manufacturers because the cabinets arrive on boats. The most significant disadvantage of using particleboard in kitchen cabinets is that when the cabinets are exposed to a humid or wet environment, the quality of the product is affected. That’s why Chinese manufacturers prefer plywood construction. But plywood isn’t always recommended. And knowing China’s less environmental regulation than the United States, we still can’t be sure of the exact chemical and adhesive agents used in their cabinet. 

Cabinet Construction 

American-made cabinets look much more sturdy. The parts fit entirely, it is more substantial, and its aesthetics make it look like it’s very durable. On the contrary, the Chinese-manufactured cabinet looks highly sensitive that it might break and fall apart. Here are several explanations for this. 

The American-made cabinet includes distinctive braces that help the top of the cabinet box to be stable and strong while the Chinese ones are not. The fitness of the cabinet parts also impacts the product’s result. Chinese cabinets show large gaps or spaces while the American-made cabinets show no gap or perfectly fit pieces of materials. 

Cabinet Drawers

These two products contain both dovetail drawers, but the American drawer box possesses superiority. The American dovetail parts fit completely, just like the cabinet box, leaving a beautiful clean fit. The Chinese dovetail appears to be harsh, split and compelled. Another American advantage is its bottom panel structure. 

Cabinet Drawer Faces & Face Frame

At first glance, you can say that the drawer faces and face frames are the same. But a closer inspection on the two cabinets revealed that the Chinese made cabinet has a vulnerable central panel because even a slight touch to it will damage it. The design is just great, but the product quality is low. 

Cabinet Finish

Based on its smoother texture and attractive appearance, you can determine a more magnificent quality finish. If the texture of the wood can still be seen and you cannot observe a glossy image that demonstrates a slender finish layer, that will quickly wear out, scratch easily, and quickly discolor. American-made cabinets display a great and exceptional quality finish that meets the customer’s demand and satisfaction. 

The stains, varnishes, and paints used in China have a high chance of containing elevated concentrations of chemicals that American manufacturers will never use for economic and safety purposes. Stains, glues, paints, lacquers, and varnishes used in Chinese cabinetry most of the time contain chemicals known to cause cancer, such as formaldehyde, which have been discovered at exceptionally elevated concentrations. Others who are not experts in choosing the best furniture will surely be fooled by Chinese-made cabinets that are found in the market. 


Apart from the visible characteristics that we tend to compare here, there are also considerable variations in warranty and dealer services that we sometimes forget to evaluate and consider.

The majority of the Chinese-made cabinets sold in the marketplace do not offer a warranty, but there are some with only one, three, or sometimes five years.  A warranty is a good determining factor of how long the manufacturers see their products will last. But, of course, when it comes to kitchen cabinets, everyone wants it to last longer than five years. 

Chances are when your purchased cabinets are not handled with care from the time of purchase, the shipment, assembly, and any necessary service will also be nasty. Be sure to choose one from a manufacturer that can accommodate your service needs.

In any consideration except cost, American-made cabinets are infinitely superior to Chinese cabinetry. When you take a glance at it, the cabinets may seem good in quality. However, when you do a thorough examination, it would show several vital elements in the building of the cabinet that create the additional cash worth a quality cabinet. 

A cabinet is one of the essential pieces in your household that will not only provide storage for your things but also will add value to the interior design of your home. Do not just add aesthetics to your home; add a quality, long-lasting cabinet specially manufactured in the United States. Nothing beats an American made cabinet in any possible way.

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