wardrobe furniture QC (Quality Control) Services

Furniture QC (Quality Control) Services

We have been in the furniture industry for 15 years’ history, offering our furniture qc services to furniture importers worldwide. we have established a reliable relationship with our customer and acumulated lots of experience during 8 years in this industry. Now if your esteemed firm need furniture qc and agency service in Indonesia, please find what we can offer:
1. Product Sourcing.
2. Price Negotiation.
3. Request and Prepare samples.
4. Order Processing.
5. QC (Quality Control).
6. Shipment Arrangement.
7. Pre-shipment Inspection.
6. Re-order Processing.
8.Do everything as your agency or office needs.
Charge after your products loaded. Both pay in stable expenses per month and 1-3% commission of total ammount are acceptable. Your needs is our need! Let us trust each other to do perfect business.

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