Wardrobes & Kitchen Cabinets inspection ,sourcing and quality control

www.furniturecabinetsdepot.com is in the business of providing services to foreign importers of China,vietnam,indonesian,malaysian,indian Furniture. We help furniture buyers who want to visit these countries for the first time and need assistance in finding the right furniture manufacturer, staying in the right hotels and traveling in the right routes. www.furniturecabinetsdepot.com is also in the business of assuring foreign importers that they get from their furniture suppliers what they pay for in terms of product specifications, quality, quantity and on-time delivery. www.furniturecabinetsdepot.com verifies, checks, authenticates, conducts furniture supplier inspection in these countries . Using www.furniturecabinetsdepot.com services you do not have to:
» Worry for the visisiting Indonesia for the first time
» Make frequents visits to check on your suppliers
» Be surprised by unexpected supplier delay or doubtful delivery without notification
» Suffer heavy losses due to impossible-to-return defective shipments

www.furniturecabinetsdepot.com was founded by ex furniture manufacture staff who realized buyer needs for assistance in finding the right supplier. Maybe , you as first time furniture buyer have heard some rumors about the bad experience of some furniture importers because they received bad quality of furniture. You would like to import Indonesia furniture , but you are afraid to have the same experience.
Those cases might be true, but they can not be applied to all Indonesian furniture exporters. There are still a lot of good and trustable furniture manufacturers in these countries. It is our service to give you reference of some good furniture exporters with qualifications based on your needs.
If you are also intending to visit these countries to see the potential furniture exporter by your self, but you are worry because this is the first time you visit these countries, www.furniturecabinetsdepot.com is your right solution. We will assist you to manage your accommodations, moda of transportations and locate your furniture supplier. Using our service will save your time and money, and you are able to focus on negotiating with your suppliers. Also we assure you to travel safely to the locations of your potential suppliers.

Some buyers do not want to bother with traveling to these countries. The long distance flight could be one reason. Also some of them do not have time to travel to these countries . www.furniturecabinetsdepot.com provides services to you, so you do not need to travel far away but still can control the quality of your ordered furnitures. We would control the process of furniture making, coloring and loading to container so the furnitures are conformed with the specifications. We would make frequent report with pictures taken from the furniture supplier submitted with the report so you can see the progress of your furniture order.

www.furniturecabinetsdepot.com also provides services for supplier verifications, pre-visit assessment, quality check and testing, quality control, quality certification and other services as requested by our clients. It is our goal to satisfy our clients needs and we continue to strive for even greater success and increased customer satisfaction. It’s our pleasure to have business with your company and we anticipate a mutually beneficial, long term business relationship.

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