What are the items and standards of furniture inspection?

What are the items and standards of furniture inspection?

Furniture is an object closely associated with human beings, which is closely related to the safety and health of human body. For serious cases, for example, there was a report in Shandong that a steel nail flying out of the office and drilling into the buttocks of people who sit in a chair had a fatal event. For slightly mild cases, such as reports of dizziness, dizziness, vomiting, leukemia and other diseases caused by excessive formaldehyde emission from wooden furniture, not to mention some wrestling events that occur at any time when the physical safety performance of furniture is not up to standard. Therefore, a furniture can be sold to the market only after it meets the safety standards, which is responsible for the health of all people. Furniture quality inspection report is such a standardized tool and has become an important tool to protect the people.

Test products

Children’s furniture: Children’s bed, crib, high chair, etc

Kitchen furniture: folding table, folding chair, etc

Beds: folding beds, double beds, baby beds, etc

Panel furniture: wooden cabinet, writing table, dining table and chair, bed, crib and folding cot, etc;

Upholstered furniture: spring soft mattress, total fiber elastic mattress, sofa, etc;

Family furniture: stainless steel kitchen equipment, steel bookcases, information cabinets, etc;

Kitchen furniture: hanging cabinet, bottom cabinet, etc;

Office furniture: reception chairs, conference tables, swivel chairs, staff chairs, computer tables, large class platforms, large class chairs, screens, etc;

Outdoor furniture: Beach chair, folding chair, leisure chair, folding bed, garden armchair, garden table, swing chair, bar, etc;

Other household products: wooden hotel furniture, public seats in cinemas and theaters, public seats in stadiums and gymnasiums, etc.

What are the items and standards of furniture inspection?

What are the items and standards of furniture inspection?

Test items

Content: free formaldehyde content

Heavy metals: cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, etc.

Performance test: strength, five claw static pressure, stability, tilting mechanism, armrest strength, seat / backrest fatigue, rotation, footrest fatigue, impact, drop, drawer fatigue, horizontal static load, vertical static load, etc.

Test standard:

Db13/t 1416.5-2011 code for detection of occupational hazards in workplaces Part 5: wooden furniture industry

Db31/t 602-2012 mahogany furniture retail business enterprise service specification

Db31/t 857-2014 furniture business service specification

Db33/t 772-2009 furniture after sales service specification

AQ 4211-2010 technical specification for dust and gas prevention in furniture manufacturing industry

Aq/t 4265-2015 rules for pre assessment of occupational hazards of wooden furniture manufacturing construction projects

Aq/t 4266-2015 detailed rules for assessment of occupational hazards in wooden furniture manufacturing industry

Aq/t 4267-2015 detailed rules for evaluation of occupational hazard control effect of wooden furniture manufacturing construction project

Aq/t 7010-2013 standardization specification for safety production of furniture manufacturing enterprises

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