What are the main styles of shoe cabinets?

What are the main styles of shoe cabinets?

Shoe cabinets generally install it in the door, you should know that installing it in the door not only brings convenience to your life, but also can block a lot of dust into the room.

  1. Household shoe racks

The design of this kind of household shoe cabinet is relatively simple. It is mainly made up of several horizontal plates and two vertical plates. It makes people look very simple and easy to assemble. The most important thing is that its price is relatively cheap. But this kind of shoe rack will expose the shoes, which will make the shoes dusty, and may also affect the view of the room.

  1. Tipping shoe cabinet

The flip-flop shoe cabinet is also a kind of relatively basic style. If it looks bad from the outside, it still hides a lot of mysteries in it as long as it flips. The number of shoes in the flip-flop shoe cabinet is more than twice that in the ordinary shoe cabinet. So there are still more people using this kind of shoe cabinet, but it has a bad point, that is, it is difficult to accept regulations. Different shoes and boots.

  1. Footwear Cabinet

This kind of shoe cabinet is quite common, because it is often placed in the porch, so it is also known as the porch cabinet or porch shoe cabinet. The difference between this shoe cabinet and the flip-flop shoe cabinet is the transverse board structure in the cabinet. This kind of low cabinet contains a small number of shoes, but besides shoes, it can also accept them.

  1. Customized Shoe Cabinet

Customized shoe cabinet is a popular one at present. We should know that the advantage of choosing customized shoe cabinet is that it can accommodate a large number of shoes. At the same time, the height of the horizontal plate in the cabinet can also be designed according to its own needs. It can allow people to accommodate shoes according to their own habits. At the same time, it can set a ceiling above the shoe cabinet to build a hanger. This design is also convenient for daily sundries collection. 。

  1. Entering and exiting clothes, hats and shoes cabinet

This kind of shoe cabinet, in fact, is simply the combination of temporary cloakroom and shoe cabinet. This kind of design is also convenient for the owner to enter and exit everyday. At the same time, it can temporarily place bags, overcoats and other items. It can be said that this kind of design is also convenient for the owner, and it also provides a place for the owner to sit and change shoes.

  1. Staircase

This kind of shoe cabinet is relatively suitable for duplex apartments, especially for families facing stairs as soon as they enter the door. This design can make full use of the space and also provide a larger space for the family.

Summary: What are the main styles of shoe cabinets and the recommendation of six kinds of common shoe cabinet styles? These recommended shoe cabinets have different advantages, and these shoe cabinets can also be determined by the needs of the home, so as to meet the needs of consumers.

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