What does a whole kitchen cabinet contain?

The overall cabinet is generally composed of the following parts (according to customer personality differences and actual store masks are different).

  1. [Cabinet body] According to space composition, it includes suspension cabinet, floor cabinet, decoration cabinet, middle cabinet and high cabinet, etc.
  2. [Decorative panel] includes shelf, roof, top line, sealing roof, back wall decoration, etc.
  3. [Cabinet countertop] Includes artificial stone countertop, fireproof board, artificial quartz stone, stainless steel countertop, etc.
  4. [Ground foot] includes footboard, adjustable foot and connector;
  5. [Hardware fittings] Include door hinges, guideways, handles, hanging codes, other structural fittings, decorative fittings, etc.
  6. [Functional accessories] Include star basin (artificial stone basin and stainless steel basin), tap, water supply and unloading device, soap liquor device, various pull basket, pull rack, shelf, rice box, garbage bin, etc.

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