What is the Chinese furniture Sourcing and inspection service process?


  1. You must first understand our related service items and service costs.
  2. Send us all project-related information, file content, project budget, etc.
  3. We will determine the type, style, and budget of all furniture products with you before you come to China. Let us develop the relevant sourcing route in advance. Hope that we can confirm all the designs with some details before you arrived.
  4. Determine when to arrive in Foshan and book your hotel.
  5. If necessary, we can send you an invitation letter to facilitate your visa to China.


  1. When you arrive in China, we will drive or arrange a vehicle to pick you up at the hotel.
  2. When you are ready to start, we will meet you in the hotel lobby and sign a contract (or go to our office). We can start working on the same day.
  3. After signing the transaction, we will arrange an agent to assist you in the factory to confirm the order.

First of all, we will go to visit the factory and check the products which are included in the quotation that we confirmed in advance. Then you can confirm all the details and place the order. Of course, We will try our best to bargain for you to get the lowest price.

You need to pay some cash around US$100-US$200 for the factory to issue the contract. And you need to pay a full 30% of goods amount in the contract via T/T when you go back home.

  1. We will arrange all transportation during your stay in Foshan.

After End

  1. Before you leave China, we will give you a list of all products and amounts purchased during this period, so that you can confirm again whether there are any remaining products.
  2. After receiving the deposit, we will notify the factory to produce and pay the deposit. We will follow up with the production process and share the production process with you at any time.
  3. When the production is completed, we will carry out inspection. We will randomly select test samples according to the AQL standard. According to different product categories, we have developed particular inspection standards and checklists.
  4. After the inspection is completed, we will prepare an inspection report for you to confirm the order finally. After confirming, pay the remaining 70%.
  5. After we receive the final payment, we pay the factory and start collecting products to our warehouse. At this time, we will conduct a second spot check. If problems are found, we will negotiate with the supplier on time. And share the process with you anytime.
  6. On your agreed delivery date, we will arrange all the logistics until the product reaches the port. During this period, we will have a commissioner to supervise the loading of the container and produce a photo report.

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