What is the Chinese furniture sourcing payment procedure?

We explain the cost of the product and service separately and give examples.

For products

The products ordered by the furniture factory/market in Foshan are 30% deposit and 70% balance.

After 30% of the deposit was received, the factory production. The direct product is completed after the quality inspection is completed. Only the remaining 70% of the balance is charged.

So do we have to take a 30% deposit when ordering in the factory?

Not necessarily. We recommend that customers only need to give 10% of the total price of the product.

After the customer finally confirms the order, he pays the remaining deposit.

Because once the order is canceled, the deposit cannot be refunded.

About service charges

1. When confirming to use our service, you must first pay a service deposit of $ 100. Of course, this $ 100 will be used as a service fee.

2. When selecting the service option, when you arrive in China and sign a service contract with us, please pay a USD 500 deposit. (This is also part of the service fee), after paying 70% of the balance, pay the remaining service fee (10% of the total fee, for furniture only and deducting $ 600).

3. When selecting the “Additional Services” option, please pay all translation and instruction fees before leaving China. ($ 50 per day) and pay the remaining service fee when paying 70% of the balance (10% of the total cost, only for furniture. $ 300 / container, other products only, and deducting $ 600 ).

For more information, see the following:

#Payment amountWhat are you paying for?When should I pay for it?How to pay?
1USD $100Booking the datesAt least 3-4 weeks in advancePayPal / Bank Transfer
2USD $500The second part of the agency fee deposit.When signing a contract in our office in Foshan on the first dayUSD, EUR or CNY in cash. Bank transfer to our company’s bank account,before you leave.
3USD $30 * n days (only for Additional Service)Translation and Guiding ($30/day) feeBefore you leave ChinaUSD, EUR or CNY in cash. Bank transfer to our company’s bank account,before you leave.
430% deposit(Minus the deposit paid in the market.)Deposit for furniture (other goods)When you return home and make sure your order is correctThrough our bank account or directly to Chinese factories’ bank accounts
570% balanceThe balance payment for your orderAfter production is done (Standard) / After quality checks (Advanced)Through our bank account or directly to Chinese factories’ bank accounts
$500/container (only in Additional Service)Agency fee balance
8% deduct $600Agency fee balance

Example (payment routine for $ 20.000 order)

1. Pay $ 100 as the booking date. The $ 100 payment is part of the agency fee.

2. After arriving in Foshan, sign the contract and pay a second deposit of $ 500. This is part of the service fee.

3. Arrive at the furniture factory showroom to select or customize furniture details. After confirming the order, pay a 10% deposit (USD $ 2000).

4. Confirm the order after returning home and pay 30% of the deposit ($ 6000 minus the amount paid in step 2).

5. After passing the quality check, you need to pay 70% of the balance of the order ($ 14000) and service fee ($ 800 minus $ 600).

6. If you use our logistics services, you also need to pay service fees and sea freight. ($ 1200 + shipping).

(PS: If you need to use other services, you will also need to pay for these additional services.)

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