What is the integrated kitchen cabinet?

Nowadays, many families choose the whole cabinet in the cabinet, but do consumers really know what the whole cabinet is when they buy it? What kind of cabinet can be called “integral cabinet”? How to judge whether the “whole cabinet” is customized or just some combination of cabinets? Here is a brief introduction for you.

In accordance with the principles of ergonomics, cooking operation procedure, modular coordination and pipeline combination, the integrated kitchen has been defined in the relevant national standards. It is a standardized and diversified activity space with multiple functions such as cooking, catering and living. Thus, the whole kitchen is not a simple combination of several furniture and household appliances, but an organic whole, which can not only complete the cooking work well, but also decorate and beautify the environment. As the core of the whole kitchen, “integral cabinet” is a kitchen facility which integrates furniture and kitchen equipment and is carefully designed and matched with family decoration style.

The whole cabinet

  1. Integral cabinet integrates furniture and kitchen equipment
  2. Integration of space and function

The whole cabinet must be designed as a whole. It should reasonably distribute fume disposal, cleaning and disinfection, food storage, cold processing, hot processing, garbage disposal and other functional areas according to the space structure of the kitchen, pipeline wiring, ceiling/wall/ground, and reasonably place refrigerators, ovens, microwave ovens, gas stoves, lampblack smokers, dishwashers and other electrical equipment.

  1. Safe and ergonomic

Safety refers to material safety, cabinet structure safety, water, electricity, electricity and fire safety. Compliance with ergonomics refers to the application of ergonomics principles to facilitate people’s use. For example, people of different heights have different ground cabinets, hanging cabinet doors can be opened or closed as soon as they are raised, cleaning areas and cold processing areas together without moving food materials around…

  1. Beautiful and Personal

It takes 1 to 2 hours to cook a meal in the kitchen to meet the users’aesthetic taste and personalized needs. It can not only alleviate fatigue, but also become an ideal place for leisure and communication.

  1. Open Kitchen and Determine Kitchen Space

According to the present house type, our kitchen is roughly divided into three categories:

  1. Independent kitchen. Only in the kitchen to complete the cooking function, and restaurants, living rooms and other space is completely separated. This kind of kitchen, we mainly consider the cooking efficiency, complete washing, cutting, cooking, baking and storage of food functions.
  2. Dining room and kitchen. It is an independent space with both kitchen and dining functions. It is necessary to consider both the kitchen operation and the convenience and comfort of dining.
  3. Open kitchen. Nowadays, many apartments adopt this way, putting the functions of kitchen, dining and living in the same space, which requires comprehensive consideration of spatial layout and functional zoning.

Basic Composition of Integrated Cabinet

  1. Dining room kitchen

Finally, and most importantly, we must choose a customized cabinet store that knows design! Why are some friends still dissatisfied when they spend a lot of money to buy the whole cabinet of some big brands? The problem is often in design! “Overall Cabinet” is a customized engineering product for our home. It’s the designer who connects our needs with the production of the factory. It’s very important to choose a professional designer. Experienced designers should not only repeatedly measure kitchen space and record the decoration situation, but also carefully communicate with owners and kitchen users. In the design, full consideration should be given to the spatial layout and functional zoning, the overall decoration style of the family and personal habits, so that the cabinet designed is the real overall cabinet.

Customized cabinet stores with brand support may be more guaranteed in materials and crafts, but not every designer is very professional; and with the development of technology, many small and medium-sized furniture enterprises tend to produce more high-quality and low-cost products, if there is an experienced designer, it is also a good choice for us.

The overall cabinet development has been very mature from the technical point of view, and people have also affirmed this way of life. I sincerely hope that you will have more knowledge of the whole cabinet, use the real whole cabinet, cook lightly, and enjoy your life!

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