What is the standard of thickness and size of general wardrobe?

What is the standard of thickness and size of general wardrobe?

Many users will ask about the thickness and size of the wardrobe when they decorate the house or buy furniture. The size of the wardrobe can directly affect the use of the user. Today, I will explain to you: what is the standard of the thickness and size of the general wardrobe? Let’s have a look!

Thickness of wardrobe

What is the standard of thickness and size of general wardrobe?

  1. The width of the flat door is 45-60 cm, and the width of the sliding door is 60-80 cm. The pressure bearing capacity of the hinge is not as good as that of the track, so the door plate should not be too wide or too heavy for the flat door.
  2. The height of hanging coat is 140 cm, which is enough; the practice of my family has proved that the longest Nightgown is less than 140 cm, the long down jacket is 130 cm, and the suit is 120 cm long after being bagged. In the previous design version, it was said that the height should be between 140-160 cm. I think it’s better to achieve just the right height. Unlike the storage space, leaving more hanging space is also a waste.
  3. The height of the hanging coat is between 85 and 95 cm; the height of my home is 90 cm, which makes full use of space. If you want to be a little more loose, you can add it to 95 cm at most.
  4. The height of hanging pants is between 80-90 cm; the height of my family is 80 cm, all the trousers are folded up and hung, no problem. I would like to say a little more here. I always wanted to install a pants rack in the space where I hung my pants. Later, I gave up the idea after listening to other people’s suggestions. Generally, the pants rack can hang seven or eight pairs of pants, which is beautiful, but the space is not fully utilized. The most practical way is to use the clothes hanger to hang the pants with the clothes hanger. Now I have a dozen pairs of trousers in my wardrobe, and there is plenty of space on both sides, which makes me feel very good.
  5. The height of the quilt is more flexible, about 30 cm is OK; this space is mainly used to store the quilts that are not used for changing seasons, which are usually at the top of the wardrobe.
  6. The height of the shoe box can be designed according to the height of the two shoe boxes. The best height is 25-30 cm.

Wardrobe shopping

Size of wardrobe

  1. The depth of the large wardrobe is generally 55 ~ 60cm, which is the width of the wardrobe. Xiaobian suggests that the width of the wardrobe should be at least 60cm, and more width is OK. Moreover, the most suitable width of customized wardrobe is 55cm and 60cm. The price of the two widths is the same, and it is the most suitable size for hanging the wardrobe.
  2. The width of the door of a large wardrobe should be between 45 cm and 80 cm. When selecting the sliding door, we should also pay attention to the load-bearing capacity of the door. If the bearing capacity of the hinge is poor, the weight of the wardrobe can not bear, and the weight of the door panel should not be too heavy. The width of the sliding door should be between 60-80 cm,
  3. The height of clothes hanging should be between 85 cm and 95 cm, which is the most suitable and reasonable space. The size of the wardrobe for hanging pants should be between 80 cm and 90 cm, which is suitable for pants of any length.

Wardrobe is an indispensable furniture in life. It can store and store clothes. You must understand clearly when you buy it.

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