What services offer in this Chinese furniture solution?

Furniture Sourcing

Create personalized purchase plans for your projects for free. This program will ensure that you have the most suitable and profitable product. We will provide sustainable value for your sourcing from China through good and reliable sources.

Factory audits

Factory audits are the best way to evaluate the reliability, quality, and capabilities of potential suppliers before placing an order. To ensure your order is secure and meets your standards.

Business negotiations

We will assist you in the necessary negotiations in the furniture factory, so that you can get the maximum benefit in this purchase.

Order’s follow up

Production tracking is a time-consuming activity that usually takes weeks or even months. We will closely track your order for regular inspections and checks.

Quality control

Quality inspection is a very important aspect. We implement 3 main inspections for furniture factories:
1. During Production Inspection 
2. Pre-Shipment Inspection 
3.Container Loading Inspection & Supervision

Container Loading

We will arrange a team to help you calculate the loading capacity, and safely transport it to the port after loading.

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