What Should I Know About Cabinet Warranties?

What Should I Know About Cabinet Warranties?

Virtually all kitchen cabinet makers offer a warranty with their product. If they don’t, that should be a red flag. Cabinets are not a cheap expenditure and they get a lot of use so regardless of where you buy them, make sure you understand the warranty.

The warranties offered by cabinet manufacturers vary with regard to what’s covered, the duration of the warranty
and the manufacturer. A good rule of thumb is that cabinet makers who build quality products are not afraid to
stand behind them with a solid warranty. The key points to consider are as follows:

•        Duration – How long is the product warranted? What you’ll find here are different levels or tiers of cabinet warranty coverage, depending on the manufacturer. Typical durations are 1 year, 5 years or lifetime coverage.

Be aware of what the manufacturer considers “lifetime”; some warranties state that a kitchen cabinet’s lifetime is considered to be 10 years. This may or may not be a long time depending on your perspective and how long you plan on staying in the same house or with the same style of kitchen.

Some manufacturers also vary the warranty coverage within their product lines. Lower-end product lines have the shortest or most limited warranty whereas the high-end line enjoys the longest warranty period.

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