What to Do With Custom Unfinished Cabinet Doors?

What to Do With Custom Unfinished Cabinet Doors?


If you want to have custom cabinet doors made you obviously have an eye for design and style. Buying unfinished doors is an appealing option for people like you because you have complete control over how you finish the doors and what the final product looks like. Keep these options in mind:

  • Paint – Unfinished cabinet doors Unfinished paint grade cabinet doors are ready for you to paint any color of the rainbow. There are literally thousands of options to choose from. Plus, painting your own doors is a relatively quick, easy, and inexpensive way to make them fit perfectly into your design scheme.
  • Stain – Staining gives the surface of your doors a distinctive color while preserving the rich look of the wood grain. Again, there are tons of color options to choose from and the application process is fairly straightforward, even if you have never applied stain before.
  • Distressed – When you distress wood you intentionally but carefully damage the surface to give it character and a lived-in quality. This look is great for spaces meant to feel cozy or rustic. Distressing wood is a little trickier than the other techniques, and it may not be appropriate for all spaces, but it’s still an option worth considering.

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