What to look for in an infrared sauna

What to look for in an infrared sauna ]


An infrared sauna is an important investment in your health and wellbeing. Given that the average sauna should last you at least 20 years, it’s worth buying a quality product that is built to last.

In our view, the best quality saunas should have these features covered:

Quality construction with durable timbers. Hemlock and red cedar are the recommended sauna timbers; look for kiln-dried or air dried, fine-grain wood construction; avoid experimental materials.
Low EMF and low ELF levels. Look for infrared saunas with undetectable or extremely low Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and low Electric Fields (ELF). Check your sauna has third-party tested results on its EMF levels. Learn more here.
Safety standards. No VOC glues, third-party tested results for electrical parts and EMF/ELF levels, tempered glass, timer with automatic shutdown.
Effective and safe heating system. An even, consistent heat that radiates from all areas of the sauna and, ideally, carbon fibre heaters with a low surface temperature
Great design. Look for an aesthetically pleasing sauna that suits your tastes and style of your home
Extra features and personalisation. Smart touch controls, Bluetooth compatibility, chromotherapy and more
Extensive warranties. Look for a lifetime warranty on sauna cabin and heaters; and a minimum 2 years on electrical components.
Remember, take measurements before you shop so you can discuss suitable options with the salesperson.

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